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This mod is similar to BUUBURN and ZiPPO RAID's Roadkill mod but now works with any vehicle driven by any ped, falls/collisions and explosions! The mod also includes bleeding from individual bones. This means shooting someone in their right hand will create blood on the ground below that hand. Bleed rates are based on the weapon used, location (only for head/neck shots) and if that bone is already bleeding. So shooting someone multiple times in the same spot increases that bleed rate.

  • All settings are explained in the readme provided. Please read it
  • (Pre V3.1.3) If you're having issues with blood sizes or any of the values in the .ini and are using a language other than English, try changing the "." (decimal) to a "," (comma) for the values
  • (Pre V3.1.3) To remove bleeding from yourself, you need to refill your health back to 100
  • This mod doesn't work with GSW2. There's not much I can do on my side that I know of so to use this, you'd have to uninstall GSW2

    Bug Reporting:
    If you have any bugs or requests, I'll be able to respond faster at:
    Discord - IAmJFry#0097 OR Join my Discord server!
    (If the mod "doesn't work", please do not contact me before making sure that you've properly installed/updated everything that is mentioned below in the "Requirements" section.

    Known Bugs:
  • None

  • Script Hook V
  • ScriptHookVDotNet V3.4.0

  • Copy "More Gore.dll" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder (More Gore Settings.xml will be created when you launch the game or reload your scripts with More Gore installed)
  • (Pre V3.1.1) Copy "More Gore.dll" and "More Gore Settings.ini" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder

  • Added CanPlayerBleed
  • Added PlayerHealKey
  • Added PlayerHealButtonModifier
  • Added PlayerHealButton
  • Added PlayerHealAmount
  • Added PlayHealingAnimation
  • Added CanPlayerRegenHealth
  • Added InstantHeal
  • Added ClearBloodDamageAtFullHealth
  • Fixed issue causing falls and collisions not to use it's own blood sizes
  • Fixed issue causing peds to play the injured ragdoll randomly when CanPedWrithe is enabled
  • Fixed issue causing faster health loss while in a vehicle and bleeding
  • Fixed issue causing mod not to work correctly for people using a different language on their PC
  • Increased the default HealthLossRate/PlayerHealthLossRate
  • Increased all default speed values for Vehicles/FallsNCollisions
  • Added the Precision Rifle and Service Carbine
  • Added an optional injured on ground ragdoll when a ped’s health is below the “PedHealthToPlayInjuredRagdoll” value (Not currently implemented for the player. May be an optional thing in the future)
  • Added an optional dying/moaning sound when the ped is using the injured on ground ragdoll
  • Added new cheat/debug commands you can enter to get your current weapon’s info from More Gore Settings.xml, add new weapons to More Gore Settings.xml (This should allow you to add new weapons after a GTA V update even if More Gore doesn’t have them added by default) or reload More Gore Settings.xml after you've made changes without having to reload all of your scripts
  • Complete rewrite of the mod
  • The settings file is now in .xml format
  • Blood color values now use normal RGB values (0-255)
  • Added Blood Opacity to the settings to allow you to change how transparent the blood is
  • Bleeding can occur when a vehicle hits a ped if the vehicle is going fast enough (Speed required for bleeding is changeable)
  • Bleeding can occur when a ped has collided with something if the ped is going fast enough and is a ragdoll (Speed required for bleeding is changeable)
  • Almost any weapon that can cause damage can now be added to the .xml manually, if it’s not already included, to allow bleeding
  • Every weapon now has its own headshot bleed rate and normal/headshot blood size
  • Blood sizes are now between a minimum and maximum value for the overall size instead of having a min/max value for width and height separately
  • Bleeding can now be disabled by setting the bleed rate to 0 (Must do it for the “BleedRate” value and “HeadshotBleedRate” value unless you want one of those but not the other)
  • Added the option to disable/enable the ped writhe animation
  • Headshots with a melee weapon adds a damage pack to the ped’s face to look like a bloody nose
  • Bleed rate values have been changed so now the higher they are, the more blood
  • Added ped bleed out for both AI and player (To disable, set HealthLossRate/PlayerHealthLossRate to 0)
  • Bleed out rate is also affected by the bleed rate (Higher the weapons bleed rate, the faster they’ll bleed out. The HealthLossRate/PlayerHealthLossRate values help lower that so that you can have a high bleed rate without the ped losing too much health as they bleed out)
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