Wildlife Rescue/Recovery Missions [.Net] V0.6


6/24/2015: Possible fix for crashes.
6/19/2015:2 new missions and minor fixes.
6/18/2015:Fixed spawning issues.
6/16/2015:Minor Changes to the code.
6/15/2015:Fixed an issue where the cop doesn't spawn to trigger the mission.(Let me know if you still have this bug)
6/15/2015:Found some bugs so I had to update real quick.

I've been working on this script for quite sometime now, this is my first script mod that I've made.This is more like a test mod than anything but i thought some of you might like it so, here it is :D.

Video Demo: https://youtu.be/TP2V_DkBfVU

About the Mod:
Ryan is the head of Wildlife Rescue Agency of LosSantos and he's looking for a man who can catch wild animals living in the place they aren't supposed to without hurting them.The mod adds 20 New Rescue/Recovery missions to the game. You don't have to press any key to activate the mod, just go to the police station blip on the map and the mission automatically starts after you meet ryan.(Check the screenshots for the location).I've also added some Easter eggs.if you manage to find the Easter egg then wola you get 100000 GTA $$ :D (in SP :P ).Watch the video demo if you want a clue of what the Easter egg is.
Important notes while completing missions
1) Don't piss off Ryan.
2)Don't kill the animal.If you do then you've got another thing coming..
3) After catching the animal, make sure he stays in the back of the truck, If he falls off the truck he dies and if he dies then......
4) You get 3000$ for every mission you complete :)
5) You are permitted to only use StunGun!

1)ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade
2) ScriptHookV .NET by Crosire (Version 1.0)

Know bugs:
• Please report if you found any.

Installation Notes:
Video tutorial by DrZepto
Written instructions:
1) Install ScripthookV And ScripthookV.Net
2)Extract the downloaded archive.
3)Copy the WildlifeRescue.dll file from the downloaded archive and paste it into the scripts folder in the main GTA 5 folder.
Special thanks to my buddy LetsPlayorDy for helping me whenever i get stuck at something, you da best! and also thanks for clearing out any grammar mistakes in the dialogues, saved me alot of time :P :)

Also thanks to this guy :)

If you are making a video, please leave a link to my youtube channel in the description of the video
Youtube.com/gtagamer2222 :]

DO NOT re-distributed.Thanks :)
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