FPS Booster 1.3.1

NOTE: The FPS booster was made to help players get more FPS out of their hardware. This can be useful on any computer.
This also comes with a settings.xml and documentation to help users get better frames on lower end computers and to better under stand how this works and how you can edit this to your needs.

Use in Grand Theft Auto Online:This tool does not modify the game at all so you can still play online.
This tool just stops unneeded services and programs and set the game’ s priority to a higher setting.Tested with:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512MB VRAM
AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor 2.50Ghz
(Boosted FPS from 8-11 to 15-24)

Windows 7 Home Premium
ATI Radeon 4300/4500 Series 512MB VRAM
Pentium Dual-Core CPU ES400 2.7 GHz
(Boosted FPS from 8-13 FPS to 15-20 FPS)

Original settings.xml
Windows 7 Home Premium
Nvidia GTX 660 SC
Intel Core i5 quad core 3.4Ghz
(Boosted FPS from 20-30 FPS to 45+ FPS)

Original settings.xml
Windows 7 Ultimate
Nvidia GTX 980ti 6GB VRAM
24GB DDR4 ram
Intel Core i7-4770K Quad-Core 4.0GHz
(Boosted FPS from 120-140 FPS to 150-155)

Original settings.xml
Windows 7 Ultimate
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB VRAM
AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz 8 Core
(Fixed stuttering)

Windows 7 Home Premium
ATI Radeon 4300/4500 Series 512MB VRAM
Pentium Dual-Core CPU ES400 2.7 GHz
(Boosted FPS from 1-9 FPS to 11-23 FPS)

Windows 7 Ultimate
Nvidia GTX 650 2GB VRAM
Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 @ 3.61Ghz
(Boosted FPS from 14-30 FPS to 17-60 FPS and Fixed stuttering)

Don't forget to check out super low settings

Change log
1.3.1 - Updated the Readme.pdf
added 2 new settings.xml for super low end computers.
settings_blocky truns peds in to slod and more.
find out more in the readme in documentation\settings xml\super low end
1.3 - Updated priority changer. Updated extra_scripts.
TXT files are now HTML to fix formatting. All txt files have been moved to documentation\old text files.
1.2.2 -Made it easier to understand how to stop services and programs. Fixed the non-steam / retail version not being able to work when the game is installed to a directory that is not in C:\
1.2.1 -fixed bugs with USER_STOP_SCRIPT and extra_scripts, thanks to R2Guy
fixed and add more option for all_launcher
1.2 -added a new script to give the user the option the choice what services and programs to stop.
added a new launcher for custom game launchers
added more error Checks
added a few hided settings in extra_scripts
added the option to change the services and programs in the extra_scripts
fixed extra_scripts being unable detect UAC setting when it is turnd off
update readme and other info that was not updated in 1.1
1.1 -Added saving answers. Added error checks alert the user of errors. Updated extra_scripts. Dropped Non_Steam_GTAVLauncher and START_GTAV_WITH OUT STOPING ANY THING (will not be updated further). Added a list of CPU speeds in documentation. Added an OS check to only show changed themes on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Added "restore theme" option Windows 7. Added an option to restart GTA V when you have exited the game.
1.0–Fixed missing code that caused Windows Update to not restart.
Fixed overlapping I/O error from the STOP and RESTORE scripting by adding a 1 second wait time for each service being started/stopped.
Fixed GTA5.exe being set to high priority and not just above normal
Fixed RETAIL_LAUNCHER not being able to CD to your GTA V folder (you may still need to change it).
Cleaned up the read me.
Cleaned up the folder.
Updated the settings.xml.
Updated documentation.
Updated and cleaned the standalone Non-Steam_GTAVLauncher.
Updated Restore RESTORE_SCRIPT to not open a new window for each service and added /y so if it asked you if you wanted to start it, it will just do it.
Added more services and programs to stop.
Added windows 8/8.1 and 10 services and programs to the list.
For Windows Vista and Windows Seven, added a script to change the theme to Windows classic for more FPS but does not yet change it back yet.
Added script to display video card name, export msinfo and dxdiag, change power settings and more (this script can be found in the standalone_scripts folder).
Added OS check and architecture
check before running the script. Added a Q&A text file. Added check for permissions and
prompt to allow you to run as admin, thanks to BatchGotAdmin.
__________–Grammar fixes
add a new script that can be put in the root of gta5 Retail/Non-Steam
if the main one does not work
__________–Added commandline.txt
non-steam fix
0.9.3–Added support for non-steam
0.9.2–Added screenshots to the documentation folder of NVIDIA and ATI/AMD control panel
add some new stuff and moved the scripts to the script_files folder
added a new script to try to help users with low RAM
0.9.1–Added a changelog, Fixed the pdf file and changed to timer from 60 to 120 to fix the slow Social Club start due to the process being set to low priority.
0.9–Added the documentation folder
0.8–Removed read-me.txt for PDF
0.7–Added the /y to one of the services to stop
0.6–Added the wait for gta5 to close be for starting restore script
0.5–Added stop and restore scripts to the start script
0.1 to 0.4–Started working on it and adding a lot to the script
First Uploaded: June 22, 2015
Last Updated: June 06, 2016
Last Downloaded: 1 hour ago

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  • E145ce vaynakh chechen ingush by thecolchian d7bxybj

    @MRxSNIPES2 Does it work the same way? because it doesnt feel like its helping my game

    August 04, 2016
  • E145ce vaynakh chechen ingush by thecolchian d7bxybj

    @MRxSNIPES2 This script will not be able to run as intended and
    will be unable to stop nor start any services.
    settings will not be Saved.
    Do you want to continue (Y/N)?

    This is what i says when i start it up: is that how its supposed to say?

    August 04, 2016
  • E145ce vaynakh chechen ingush by thecolchian d7bxybj

    @MRxSNIPES2 How do i get speedboost?

    August 07, 2016
  • Franklin3

    @seitderb you are missing files and you need to redownload it or something is changing the way CMD is working with this tool. try right clicking and runing as admin to see if that will fix it.

    August 09, 2016
  • E145ce vaynakh chechen ingush by thecolchian d7bxybj

    @MRxSNIPES2 I have
    Re downlaoded
    Ran as admin
    Tried on different PC
    None of them work

    August 10, 2016
  • Default

    @Killerill I have the same problem

    August 13, 2016
  • Heists

    @MRxSNIPES2 Alright, thanks.

    August 14, 2016
  • Franklin3

    @seitderb there seems to be something messing with the tool. as of now i don't think there is a way to fix it.

    August 16, 2016
  • Cdff1e funny 3

    Okay, so I installed this and I messed something up because this is very confusing so I tried to delete it and reinstall it but now I cant even delete it to cus its saying "A file in this is open in another program" How do I get rid of this please respawn Asap.

    September 15, 2016
  • Cdff1e funny 3

    How do I delete it? So I can reinstall it?

    September 15, 2016
  • Gtao40

    How to correctly uninstall this mod?? After uninstalling game crashes at startup

    September 19, 2016
  • Franklin3

    @Blue_fLaMeZ when it says file is in use something has it open. it happens when you try to delete/remove/rename after opening it or the folder where the files are. a reboot can fix and any bugs that may be happening.

    @Mittei_West delete the folder and if you still have bugs reboot.

    September 20, 2016
  • Tubeguy

    Guys dont use this unless you have a very crappy cpu from 2005. This may cause computer issues because it is changing the priorities of important windows processes. If one if the windows processes crash it may cause problems towards your operating system.

    October 02, 2016
  • Default

    smooth 60fps cheers my friend works well with alot of mods

    October 27, 2016
  • Hipster

    Make the whole process a bit simpler. Try to convert those batch files into exe's.

    October 31, 2016
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @bur587 Run it again and let it close successfully. It'll restore old listings.

    November 01, 2016
  • Default

    i5 4200U CPU @1.6 ghz 2.30 ghz
    4g ram
    window 10
    dircetx 12
    Geforce mt 740M
    can i play

    November 10, 2016
  • 4ba2ac tumblr mdwctifwmx1qgdxico1 250

    Same like a Razer Game Booster 1 star...

    November 16, 2016
  • Heists2

    @MRxSNIPES2 how to use this with rage hook and is this work with 4gb ram

    6 days ago
  • Default

    Can you get banned in online for this mod?

    5 days ago
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