Runtime Weather timecycle editor [Alpha] 0.1

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***It's the public alpha, there might be some bugs, might be a bit unstable.***

With this tool you can edit weather timecycles directly in-game without having to minimize the window, as it was with the reloader. Now, you can see the changes immediately

Currently supported version: 3095.0
You can try using a different one, but I'm not sure if this will work there.


Drop the asi file into the game folder

Currently it breaks something in the game when the fullscreen mode is used, so you should use either windowed borderless or just windowed mode instead. I don't mean it doesn't work, it just works a bit wrong.
I hope to fix that someday.

Use the "Insert" btn to close/open the window

After the first launch - 3 files will appear in the game folder:

Everything is the same as with the timecycle file editor, except there are no tooltips anymore

Open/close button and default path you can specify in the config

This is made just for the weather timecycles, it won't load timecycle_mod files, if you want to edit them - use the fivem editor

My discord: @rafk3242
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First Uploaded: February 06, 2024
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