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  • C48398 etijkmv1jhdn brt 3u  1082050051

    Accidently deleted vehicles.meta and it fixed my problem, gta works in mysterious ways 😏😏

    October 04, 2017
  • C48398 etijkmv1jhdn brt 3u  1082050051

    "Invalid Model" Could someone help me with this? Im using Simple Trainer 6.0 but it has most likely nothing to do with it because im able to spawn every other car ive ever installed using it. I went through every file and made sure i didnt make any mistakes or you. I didnt found any so im asking if anyone of you knows whatsup?? I installed Hippy´s skyline engine sound mod before i installed this one but it shouldnt affect in anyway because they aint connected and the sound mod shouldnt cause issues like "Invalid Model"

    September 27, 2017