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  • 2b9cf4 edm kitty

    Can anyone tell me if this might fix the memory error message (reboot and restart game)? I am a old as dirt but a total noob when it comes to mods and new here as well, but have played GTA since the first release. I have 42 mods installed now after manually changing the gameconfig. Figured out I was one car over the limit, changed the gameconfig and it has worked for a couple of weeks... Until now. This issue all the sudden came about after playing for hours on end then shutting the game down. When I restarted it a few hours later, The error came up. If I disable ENT, everything works great. I enable it and within a minute or 2 it crashes. I also have started making custom tshirts myself and they have been working great. Every mod is an add on that I have installed I did one at a time and tested each one before I went further. I have had no luck troubleshooting this morning, so now I am here. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!
    Asus Sabertooth 990 FX R 2.0
    AMD 8350 8 core watercooled processor
    PNY 750 Ti
    16GB RAM
    Windows 10 Pro OEM
    I built this machine myself and beat it to death running Solidworks 2015 and Photoshop CS6 for my design work. Runs these programs great and Solidworks is an extremly demanding program in itself
    GTA V - Purchased copy - unedited-no mods
    GTA V - Crack running in vbox (just in case I really do something FUBAR)

    March 12, 2017