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  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    @Divinux l appreciate your answer and l'm sorry for taking too long to respond. But my issue happens on Excel, not the script hook or the game itself, everything works fine. l followed the instructions correctly and this issue persists. l haven't find a solution neither a report from that.

    l appreciate it, but l gave up a long time ago and found some other less known mods that could fit on my preferences (Like Traffic Plus).

    About the issue itself, it didn't tell a lot, it just appeared this error in a text box and the file suddenly changes to another one which doesn't work properly (or doesn't work at all).

    June 18, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Actually. l've done more testing but without the mod, just to make sure it isn't causing it. And l just want to clarify: The mod is not causing the issue, l've done some testing with the game without the "mods" folder specially this one and it work just fine, but the vanilla game is kinda "boring". l apologize the misunderstand l caused "blaming" this mod, there is not being any issues with it. But still, the crash occurs every time l change my "Mods" files or install another mod. It's weird, l'm not sure if it's anything from my system or just the game itself refusing to work under mods. l'm really having a tough time trying to solve this. Anyway, again. l apologize for the misunderstood.

    I know this isn't an crash report forum or crash help or something but if anyone can give me a tip to find an solution for that "fatal" problem l have l'll be very appreciated.

    May 18, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Hey um... l suspect that this mod is the one that is causing crashes in my game for no reason. l've been experiencing this crash for a long time since l installed this mod on my game. Basically l play for a few minutes (around 5 and 1 hour) and then my game suddenly closes. l check my "launch.log" and it says "Exit code 0xc00000fd indicates a fatal game exit (reason: Unknown Error Code)" and obviously at first no clue of what exactly causing it.

    So l went to research why this crash happens. l went from removing Addon vehicles (also packs), changing some files (such as dispatch.meta, dlclist.xml, gameconfig, etc.), watching if my CPU is overheating, causing the game close itself when it is. And l didn't find an exact reason. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, tried disabiling "mpmaps" thing and it solved for a while, but still the game crashes with this mod installed. Even with the simplest mods that l like to have in my game. The mods l use normally, essentially to play GTA is VisualV, DriveV, Realistic Gun Sounds, Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement, Traffic Plus + Lore Friendly and some scripts trainers such as the inversepower, Simple Trainer, etc. l even removed Visual V, RGS and some scripts, no success. It doesn't seem to happen at specific time or an specific action, it just does randomly. There is nothing conflicting with this mod as far as l'm concerned.

    l also want to state that l don't use the ENB for this mod should l try it out to try to fix it?? It's weird the game just crashing randomly with just this mod installed (and also frustrating). It might be the dlcpacks file, DLC list or something related to the Addon files, but since it has nothing installed there (l removed everything to see if it fixes) just the normal mods file, l don't believe it should be that the problem. Anyway, happens every time when l install this mod in specific (l install this for the last on my mods pack).

    l tried every solution l could find, spend hours trying to fix this problem and no success. So l assume that it might be a system problem (which is unlikely since my game runs perfectly with other mods) or this mod is broken/conflicting (at least for me) or just an unknown reason that l'll never find out why it happens and l'll suffer from it permanently.

    Sorry for the long text though, l just wanted to clarify some things and see if there is any solution to that problem. l'll still try to see if l can find any solution. But for now, this is the mod causing crashes in my game. The mod is great itself and l wish a lot to have it working just fine on my game so l can enjoy your hard work (also realism) on the vehicles. l appreciate your attention if you read it til here.

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    May 17, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    l'm sorry, l don't quite understand what's going on, l'm not a Excel expert and l'm not sure what l'm supposed to do. l followed the instructions so far and it leads to me opening the file inside the GTA V main directory with the Addon Vehicle Spawner installed (also in main-directly). l didn't have it before so l installed it according to the instructions. Run the game as mentioned and close after a while playing.

    The problem is when l try to edit the popgroups.ymt (Popgroups Generator.xlsm) file. l follow the steps and it tells me to click on "Update Vehicles list". (also skipped the popcyle part since l'm not interested in changing it). l click on it and it shows an error, something like "Invalid procedure call or argument (Error 5)". l'm not sure what this error is.

    Did l missed something?? l have checked the comment section and haven't seen someone who got the same error and a solution for it. l only want the DLC vehicles on traffic and so far l'm using the "Versatile Traffic" from Cyron43, which recommended this mod and l'm trying to use it.

    l don't want to be judged by my possible stupidity on this but... any solution??

    May 13, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Installer not working again. Version 4.3 is also getting the same error but with different files with this line in specific:
    [03/05/2021 6:46:23 PM] [3104] ERROR -> File "content\hipster\handling.meta" not found in package

    l'm really not sure if l'm downloading a corrupted file or it is my OpenIV program, but since other people are getting the same error, l guess is a problem in general.
    l actually enjoy this mod a lot, and l hope l can get the new version working as soon as possible.

    May 03, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Installation fails again, same error as before (missing files).

    May 02, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    @ROBS 576 Same here, still waiting for approval almost a day after.

    May 02, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    "Some files are missing in the package archive. Please contact package author."

    This shows up after a failed installation in the new version (4.0)

    May 01, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Pretty good mod, it gives that feeling GTA V lacks a lot with driving. But l have some issues regarding the game. Before installing the mod the game works perfectly fine (with other mods), after l installed, the game crashes after some time playing, could be 5, 10, 20 minutes of gameplay and it suddenly closes. l'm not entirely sure if this is the mod causing it or could be anything from scripts to game files (mods folder). Any help? Aside from that, the mod itself is a must have in my opinion and l'm anxious to see the new versions and tweaks to DLC vehicles and off-roading.
    (Obs: Automatically installed using the .OIV file)

    April 24, 2021
  • 270298 opera instantâneo 2018 11 03 164230 www.youtube.com

    Game crashes on loading screen (Corrupted Data or something). Might be a conflict with other Mod.

    April 06, 2021