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    Love this alot, do you think you would be able to release a version for FiveM build 3095?

    May 22, 2024
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    Hey man,
    Absolutely love this MLO you've put out. I was wondering if you think you would be able to do something like this but at the Humane Labs? Asking as I make a lot of SCP cinematics in GTA V/ FiveM and I've been looking for a good MLO to use at the Humane Labs instead of the base Humane Labs. Hell even a direct replica like this but in the Humane Labs would be awesome to use for cinematics. I know servers like ProGamerNetwork would use this in a heartbeat if this was at Humane Labs (If you watch any videos with SCP from PGN you'll know they use Humane Labs for their site)

    April 28, 2024