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    @SaraYeung Hi, I don't know sorry, never used that one. If your character falls in the void when it shouldn't then probably there are some issues even though I don't see the reason why it should happen.

    10 days ago
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    @Reepus sorry to hear that but I don't have any issues on my end. If you could be more specific on which problems you encounter maybe I can try to help.
    All the issues come usually from requirements not met and/or conflict with other mods.

    May 21, 2023
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    @Drakan Thanks for your feedback but I don't understand why would anyone write a review or give a rating based on the things that the object doesn't do or have.
    I don't complain if a bike has only two wheels and I expect it to have three... It doesn't even fly!
    1- There are plenty of npcs to choose from. There's no need for AddonPeds but if you want, you can do it with a trainer, yes.
    2- I already wrote in the description under "known issues" that the freemodels "mp characters" don't save properly due to the lack of some native functions.
    3- If you really need to, you can customize the appearance of a ped with a trainer and then select it as a partner. It's not that immersive choosing the clothes for my friends.
    4- 5- Since I don't like to cheat as it takes away the fun for me I don't always have in mind the player teleporing here and there or spawning stuff around. Beside I never experienced any crash when spawning a vehicle.
    If you want a bodyguard that follows you everywhere automatically there are plenty of mods out there.
    I wanted to do something a bit different and more immersive so that you need to not leave your Partner behind and keep him/her safe, plus since the Partner is not in the "pedgroup" (and that's why it doesn't teleport automatically)
    you can be with him/her also when having 7 followers (maximum allowed by the game, useful for my other mods The Boss or The Leader)
    6 - Why would you want it to be invlunerable? You defend your Partner and fight together, just flee with him/her if the fight is too big for you. You can honk the horn while in a vehicle and the partner will stop fighing and jump in.
    Anyway I already answer a couple of comments above that I'm planning to implement a system where the partner will go to the hospital instead of dying permanently.
    Sorry to hear that it's not your cup of tea.
    @VICTOR RIVERA I wanted to do that but as much as I tried the animations and the whole thing always looked a bit clunky and out of place, not so immersive. Hopefully I will find a better way somehow. Thanks for the rating!

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    May 19, 2023
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    @mitto_backup not yet sorry, but there will be definetly one. Thanks for the rating!
    @SaraYeung please check again, it's the only reason the mod won't work.. beside also not having the right version of the game. Make sure you have the latest ScriptHookVDotNet. The links are all in the description.
    @Matthew Liddell Yes I understand that. I will consider implementing something like that for the future.

    May 18, 2023
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    @CorporalAleksi always, always check if you have all the requirements installed correctly and up to date. You must have the latest version of them all.

    May 09, 2023
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    @WolfFire23309 thank you! I stumbled upon your works a couple of time, quite interesting and well done! The fighing mechanics are dope! As much as I'm curious I'm actually pretty happy with using the freemodels here but if I start a new project where we could work together I will definetly reach out. Thanks again!

    May 03, 2023
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    @Fractal420 Unfortunately the first person camera is not available when the screen effect is already active, nothing can be done about it. If you want you can turn off the visual effects in the mod's setting.
    Since I don't have the issue with the persistent screen effect, it could be probably related to conflict with something else or requirements maybe not up to date.

    April 23, 2023
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    @Olegsag after he raised the hands it means he surrendered and will follow you. Take him to the squeezer. You can see it in the video I made.

    April 22, 2023
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    @LordKrizzpy Sorry to hear that and pity for the rating but the errors you described sound very much like issues caused by a conflict with other mods. I'm not having those bugs (you can also see that in my gameplay videos) so there's not much I can do beside suggesting to try playing the mod again without other mods and see if it goes better.
    Thanks for the feedback and also for the suggestions, I will surely add more missions with future updates but if you want to "kill some time" you can always check some of my other mods like Roleplay Menu, Forever Together etc..

    April 08, 2023
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    @DrQwerty What is exactly that doesn't work? Do you have the small blue house Blip on the map? Are there mobsters around the mob Hideout? Make sure you have the latest game version and requirements installed correctly and up to date, expecially ScripthookVDotNet (latest version is 3.6.0 at the moment).

    April 07, 2023