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    @SMII I'm using latest version of the game and I don't have any other mod currently installed but previously have installed the following.
    Realism Dispatch Enhanced, Lively World, Simple Zombies, Simple Trainer
    I'm not sure if I have uninstalled them correctly since I just simply deleted the files from my game folder. Pretty sure the mods are not the problem here since I'm experiencing the same problem as MeowMixAdict. Just a text saying "Loading..." in red and blue, but disappears after a while and the game continues as nothing happened. At this point the mod probably crashes since pressing O will no longer give any response

    7 days ago
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    Help, every time i start a match it would give a scripthook V error which say "CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'Cheriki.asi', id 36"
    the mod is installed correctly since I'm able to go into the mod's main menu and change settings etc but the only problem is I can't start match.

    8 days ago