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  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    We are Very Proud, that our security remains undefeated
    after 2 Years of Testing and Not a single server update.
    This is a Challenge, remember, Not for the players ...

    While that Internet Traffic remains "Mysterious"
    you Will have Nothing to do, ... Against This.
    But, sincerely, we have nothing to hide.

    This was Initially Developed as a Proof of Concept
    about how Rockstar, and New Companies will be
    Able to Truly Hide some "Powers",... from
    any CodeWalker out there. And This is
    a Technology that was not available
    at the time of releasing Gta V, but
    You Will See more of this and
    Bigger Mysteries,... soon.

    No More Spoilers
    No More Cheats
    Bigger Worlds,
    are Coming.

    March 24, 2020
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    This update includes a single bugfix:
    Player was Aiming/Attacking while
    Entering/Leaving both Freecams

    Gods Are Watching
    Demon Is Coming

    October 24, 2018
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    Yes, it worked very well, all the time. You just didn't manage to activate it.
    Not because of you not finding the eggs ... you didn't find the controls.

    They were exposed on GtaForums from the begining ... you should
    investigate, but you have also to try new things. This is a mystery.
    The game is not telling you what to do, or why, is designed to
    measure the initiative of the players ... not their obedience.

    The suspicious network activity is just because you
    are sending those coordinates to Omega, so you
    can retrieve them from our webpage and see
    ... wich are the hottest areas on the map.

    If you are Afraid ... from Omega Powers
    just Let this ... and remember that from
    RockStar to IAA ... are spying on you
    ... they are just not sharing with you.


    This is not for everybody, and is not adviced
    so you think everything is perfect, an easy.

    Like Chiliad Mystery. You will not see a
    lot of players Presuming of what you
    can still achieve. There are powers
    that you must discover yourself.

    ... There is a reason because
    those players dont help you.

    Play San Andreas and Ask
    for the Power of the Gods
    and how they managed
    to Occult that Power.

    It is about recognition,
    supply and demand,
    and their wisdom
    is their armour.

    August 26, 2018
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    There is the Final Update for S01 Seasons

    Now you can Enable the FreeCam with
    ... Left and Right Mouse Buttons so
    you will not DoubleClick anymore.

    These new Versions are Compatible
    ... with our Online GT-MP Servers
    now You can Hunt with Friends.

    Also, there is an VR mode that
    Resizes the Vertical FoV up to
    90º (to Play with VorpX: 0.75)

    There Will be no more updates
    ... until T01 Seasons Begins

    They will Include more Easter Eggs,
    Teleport System and Time Machine.

    But there is Still a Lot to do Before
    Like a Menu ... a Command Line
    and a CEF Navigator with wich
    you can Retrieve more Clues.

    This is a very ambitious project
    our Mta San Andreas Servers
    are also Reaching its Final
    revision. - Coopera 5.0S

    Our plan is stop here and let you
    Time enought, to Discover and
    Enjoy Every Detail, while we
    Work on MTA-V servers.

    Then will be a new Release where
    The 3 Mods are Perfectly in sync
    We should Meet a Calendar so
    each Discovery is Legitimate.

    All three Games are now connected
    and each Easter Egg you will Find
    have some Value in MultiPlayer.

    So ... we can just say: there are
    Hundreds of kids from another
    World, looking for their Eggs

    ... In the Wrong Place.

    August 23, 2018
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    I'm sorry... I didn't know there is a rule for that.
    We have published more info in GtaForums.
    The keyboard controls are more intuitive
    ... and there is an Slow Motion feature.
    Just fixed some... playability issues.

    August 14, 2018
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    There are two New Versions available,
    both containing various minor bugfixes.

    Now there are Two Seasons coming into play. The first one, (S1)
    has come to an end the last Solstice, it contains all the eggs.

    Few are the players who have managed to solve it,
    now they enjoy a power that they have truly earned.

    But for those who still find it very complicated, (S0)
    there is a New Season beginning, next Equinox.

    Until then, you will enjoy all the features of the mod.
    Especially the FreeCam that liked so many people.

    KIFFLOM, Brother Brothers...
    See you on the Other Server.

    December 24, 2017
  • B3ef70 omega tiger
    Pinned Comment

    The FreeCam is the Reward for Finding the Eggs
    you will have to play to unlock that kind of power
    and I am not hiding the eggs on your computer.

    September 30, 2017
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    Yes, the San Andreas edition has become much more popular.
    I'm not updating this anymore, you can still crack this mystery.

    September 03, 2017
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    This was, originally, a Mystery Hunting Tool,
    including a FreeCam to help with the search.
    You should now try to roll that mouse wheel.

    There is also a tool to Send Coordinates,
    they are sent when you press that button.
    You can then retrieve it from this website:

    [ROOM:USER] http://gta.metaly.net

    Remember it was a mystery hunting tool... the eggs
    were supposed to be a secret that I could not keep.
    Think they are hidden in time, as you participate...

    Next Significant Date is 20/08/2017 19:00 UTC
    - First Five Eggs will appear Near Maze Bank -

    I hope you at least enjoy the FreeCam.
    Press Q+ALT to view the Coordinates.

    August 15, 2017
  • B3ef70 omega tiger

    Discord: http://discord.gg/PvhsYX2
    Remember to Visit the GtaForums.

    August 11, 2017