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    There's a bunch of stuff here that could do with some improving:
    - The textures are huge, there is no need for 1K leather/fabric textures with a lot of tiling, they increase file size tremendously.
    - The "custom dirtmap" isn't correctly formatted and is straight up just the damage mask from Forza, it even has the same file name.
    - The rims and brake disc are (for some reason) subdivided triangulated models with 4x the poly count and broken topology. This makes the full car ascend to over 400k faces which is unnecessary.
    - No LODs. This is a Forza car so it has LODs out of the box. Implementing them should be trivial. Coupled with the above, without LODs you're constantly forcing the game to load a car with 482k faces at all times and straining the engine's video memory. For the record, an average Forza car has about 200-250k polygons. More recent vanilla vehicles have even less on average (around 100k).

    The adjustable ride height animation is an interesting bonus feature though, I'll give it that.

    March 02, 2023
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