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    @JP-Schindler Awesome! This is my Tony Stark house ;)

    3 days ago
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    @Razed Strangly the 4th attempt worked with enb/reshader!! Thanks for all the support 5/5

    7 days ago
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    @Razed Greatly appreciated man - sent you an email!

    8 days ago
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    @razed okay so, guess what? I get to the 'loading enb' with 6 items left screen? crashes every time.

    Clean download & install (3rd time.......... veins are throbbing a bit)
    Followed instructions to a T, again.
    Removed ENB series and Reshader to see if it fixed, nope.
    Only files installed now are VisualV, Natural Vision Remastered.

    Still crash.

    However, after applying the fix i found earlier fixing my original issue, i am able to use my other heavily modded gta with no problems.

    This however? Man, congrats on the mod, seriously, from what i was able to see it looks stunning, also i do appreciate some people haven't had any issues a tall.. but dude, this is silly now, 3 times i have had to delete files, re download, install step by step by your instructions and now this? I have even changed configs to see if it was this but no.

    Really stuck, have you any ideas or a work-a-round to get past start up crash?

    8 days ago
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    @razed From what i can tell after downloading and reinstalling.. again.

    Download latest GFX drivers
    Set Administration privileges on 'GTA5.exe' AND 'GTAvLauncher.exe'
    Set compatibility to Windows 8 (IF YOU ARE USING WINDOWS 10) on 'GTA5.exe' AND 'GTAvLauncher.exe'

    This SHOULD fix anyones 2-5 second freeze issues.

    My apologies for assuming it was this mod, reinstalling now!

    9 days ago
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    @Razed That's what i did - fresh download, fresh install - only installed VisualV, NaturalV and optional extras which i asked you before. It's just a bit weird how everything was working fine with my completely seperate gta v modded folder and now that has the same issues as my 'clean' gta folder.

    Either way, If i find a solution i will post a heads up.

    August 10, 2017
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    @Razed Np, thank you for getting back to me.

    However, my other modded version of GTA has now started freezing every few seconds, replicating the problem on the fresh install with NV and VV installed on :/

    Whatever it is man, it something within the files that comes with this or VV, maybe it changed some root files that gta relies on.. i mean, i only rename the folders depending on which gta version i want to play
    I.E 'Grand Theft Auto V - MODDED' to 'Grand Theft Auto V' so steam will read this version etc.

    Thus i'm guessing certain base/ root files are shared?

    Either way i am really trying not to justify re-installing to versions of GTA again so if you wouldnt mind, would you be able to look through your modded files and see which is likely to be the culprit?

    Similar to the replies above, it seems to be a FPS problem as i drop down to 25fps during the 'bug'(if you will) and back up to 60fps after.

    Trouble is, with the freeze burst happening within 0.5 seconds after the last freeze.. it takes me almost 10 minutes to leave Michael's house and cross the road..

    Skylake build
    i5 6600k 3.5ghz OC 3.7ghz - 4ghz under load
    Maximus Hero VIII
    16gb Ram
    GTX 1080

    Def not a hardware problem.

    August 10, 2017
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    @tj_super Hey man, yeah it is fixed in the version i am currently working on.

    Windscreen reflections are now minimal, visibility is x100 better however, i have encountered a bug,, when the time/weather gets changed manually it completely disables the visibility inside the cockpit - currently working out.

    Follow the thread for updates :) : https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12095/released-v2-beta-marvel-quinjet

    Should have v3 released later this week.

    August 10, 2017
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    @Razed I have noticed when the freeze bursts happen, my fps goes from a constant 61/62 to 26 also i cannot see a vsync setting in the enb settings? only in game menu which i've tried disabling but makes no difference?

    August 07, 2017
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    Anyone else having freeze bursts?

    August 07, 2017