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    It doesnt work for me. i placed all the folders in those locations but it didnt work

    December 10, 2016
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    @InfamousSabre i dont understand the pickup.meta files and i didnt mention that i have recently started modding so im kind of a noob. cause when you download the files trough the openIV package installer then the pickup.meta files have to be there. So help would be appreciated otherwise the mod will be useless.

    December 04, 2016
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    @InfamousSabre I also have the problem with when i pickup up a weapon and the slot is taken and it just switches between them infinite times. I have reinstalled the mod twice and tried the OpenIV download and the manual download. and i also downloaded the mod after all my other mods.

    December 03, 2016
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    It doesnt work and what am i supposed to type to spawn it

    December 02, 2016