Lake, Isle of Wight
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  • 42e054 greenman is confused

    Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing more UK civilian vehicles in the future :)

    December 19, 2022
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    Gargoyle Squadron: We're up against that thing? God help us.
    Skeleton Squadron: It's hard enough just keeping up with the drones.
    Golem 1 Knocker: Golem Squadron, take out big Baby Huey!

    December 11, 2022
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    "Mr. White, remember to use the mods folder!"
    "I am the one who installs."

    December 01, 2022
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    @SelenaGomez Sounds good to me! Looking forward to what's coming next.

    October 10, 2022
  • 42e054 greenman is confused

    Looking very good! Hopefully more Rover models, such as the 75 and SD1 are planned for the future :)

    October 08, 2022
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    "This reminds me of the time I went to Sandy Shores!"

    May 08, 2022
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    "Are Hotring Races not your style? Do you want to find a job that brings you fans, undeniable admiration and the chance of getting splattered by an engine block flying into your head at 70 miles per hour? Well, we've got the rig for you. We've taken the humble packer, stripped it of anything it doesn't require to run, and souped up the engine to turn it into this legendary beast. Come on down to the Maze Bank Arena, and make sure to bring your best crash helmet and racing suit, because you're in for the ride of your life."

    April 04, 2022
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    @bloodyframe2018 - Yes, but I was referring to a hypothetical lore-friendly version like this one.

    March 26, 2022
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    @Patão_Innertubey - No problem! It would certainly be cool to see some lore friendly takes on some of Reliant's other offerings in the future - the Robin, Regal and Scimitar come to mind :)

    January 21, 2022
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    "The year is 1982. Weeny's execs, jubilant after another year of bumper sales for the Issi, get together and come up with the sort of idea that can only come about after a night of partying far too hard; take a four-wheeled car, sacrifice almost all of its stability, then take away one of its wheels. And thus, the Tamworth was born! It may have the aerodynamics of a cheesegrater, get scratches on its fibreglass body seemingly for no reason at all, and all the fuel efficiency of a wet tissue, but the future is now. Get out on the open road, and hope to God that you don't need to take too sharp a turn." - Southern San Andreas Super Autos

    January 20, 2022