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    @GamingWizzYT It really depends of the moment, sometime I even go almost random and then just tune the final result. Play the game a bit with it and see interesting stuffs, do a pic. Sometime I modify a bit the camera setting like I would do for taking a shot in real life.
    @turtleey The panoramics are done using NVR, with a Panasonic camera, camera option contrast to 0 or 5 i don't remember, no postprocessing. Aperture to 2.2 but dof scale set to 0 since it's panoramic shots composed with ACE I didn't want any blur. However I don't recall what film I used, probably the Fuji Provia 100F that come by default at low intensity. 25-30%, I don't remember.

    If I find some time to do so I'll add a folder with presets, or ask around to get some from friends.

    9 hours ago
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    @Whats a Username? The problem comes from the binaries 0.351 and the trick to make the ENB working with NVR and VisualV is to make the timecycle edit I gave. Next NVR will have it included by default, but until then you need to do it yourself.
    @SamuelOlson1701 No, it's how to get the best visuals but the preset works for vanilla or Visual V too. Just be sure to set the proper setting as explained in the tutorial screen. (Because i have seen a lot of youtube videos of people using vanilla game but with the NVR-PRSA preset...)
    @SLY95ZER @_Hawk_ I don't know how much experienced with ENB you are but performance hit is and have always been a downside of such mods, Even more with latest 0.351 version for GTA5. Most of the performance hit isn't because of PRSA itself. All my own added shaders cost around 10fps only, the other performance hit comes from stuffs i'm nor responsible of and can't really control. Any recent preset made for this version of ENB using all of its feature will have big fps hit. Then come the user optimization part and configuration of drivers or PC setup, as well as the resolution and graphics used. Just saying in short that complaining and downvoting PRSA for this is as absurd as complaining and downvoting a beach because you can't breath under water or because you have sand in the hairs.
    @JARODYI Wrong installation, the binaries can't reach the shader files.
    @skeeze415 I'm afraid it will, and I can't do anything about it.
    I'll upload an update when the NVR update will be release with a little bit more performance friendly ambiant occlusion, but that's all I can do.
    @Abby Radke You look like you completely missed the philosophy of PRSA, plus as already said it's best used with NVR.
    @bobmat4 That's pretty weird I'm able to change the graphic options as much as I want while using the preset.
    @quasar3210 @Lawdy Maybe RageHook is not compatible with the binaries, IDK I need to test and maybe try a trick, but I can't make any promise, again, this is something I can't control and I know for sure that the binaries author won't change it as he refuses to install any thrid program on his computer...One of the reason why it's difficult to make the ENB work with mods.

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    14 hours ago
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    Amazing, thanks a lot for this.

    3 days ago
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    @Whats a Username? : Display/Screen Kill effects.
    @Alaannnn : You can do that or also lowering the scale value of the DOF. Blur will become smaller.

    4 days ago
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    It's fine don't worry and I don't think there is an hype, just people who like it, and some other who don't. it's normal.

    5 days ago
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    Because they do not use any or all of the latest features of the latest binaries like PRSA does and only add skylighting and AO while PRSA overrides everything, not all enb are the same using the same things.

    5 days ago
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    @Gentle_Storm The light flickering (Same with ISO noise that flickers some time during night, depending of the camera angle) are an actual bug I never been able to fix yet (you can see them flickering in the trailer too), and after hours of testing/debugging I'm afraid it may comes from something from the ENB binaries (.dlls) themselves, and that I can't do anything about it. Only the author of ENB binaries can (and I hope, will, someday).

    5 days ago
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    I made a very quick and simple comparison album with NVR here: https://imgur.com/a/OW6XNcD
    That's how the mod should looks on first install, with stock settings.
    Remember that if you use another weather mod or not at all that you have to change the "VisualMod" setting as explained in the manual screen (p2).

    5 days ago
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    If you are referring to me not caring, I already gave you an answer to try to help few post earlier...

    5 days ago
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    I can use it with all weather and all weather mods, without any single crash or blackout (nor mirror cars). Something is wrong on your end. Regarding the FPS hit, you can always lower the DOF quality as explained in the manual, I'll add a small file in a next update to lower the quality of the ENB AO and skylighting (you can already do it if you want), otherwise I can't really optimize it further as my shaders aren't eating more than 5 fps on my end, everything else comes from the ENB binaries themselves. FYI I play the game almost maxed out (4X AA, and some (useless) advanced options disabled) at 1080p on an 970GTX and an old 4690k around 30fps everywhere. Knowing that without PRSA and only NVR I got around 40-50FPS.
    So the ENB is eating around 10-15 fps for me.

    5 days ago