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  • Lamar
  • Lamar

    btw, 11john11 made a unmarked Coquette, he named the file "polcoquette". So it replaced it when I dropped your file xd. Maybe rename your dlc file "interceptorcoquette" or "polcoquetted10".

    November 18, 2020
  • Lamar

    Do you think you can add lightbars on the top ? Vanilla ones will look so good on it.

    November 18, 2020
  • Lamar
  • Lamar

    Problably the best Dispatch mod so far... So much things I can't list, wow.
    Something I would like to see is the Swat Model using N.O.O.S.E. on 5 stars and FIB at 6 stars.
    I used a Rhino and cops responded with 5 stars and Rhino, lol, but they send NOOSE guys and FIB cars, they are useless because you can explode them easily, and it's unrealistic, so maybe if you use a Tank you should only have armored vehicles and militaries ? This would be great.
    I used a Lazer, dispatch responded as US Air Force, I like this, but I only got choppers, maybe you can make spawn some others Lazer at the Fort Zancudo and they fly to your position ? Even differents planes ? Would be so nice.
    Buzzard spam missiles on you, the only cooldown is the reload time, I think it's a bit OP.
    It's possible to edit how helicopters spawn ? If you are on foot with 3 stars they won't spawn for example, because you're easy to follow. Would be a pleasure if you make a different dispatch system for them, a bit based on how the police use air support irl.
    I hope you'll add more vehicles in the future, it's so good to see more polices vehicles used. About vehicles, is it possible you add a Granger made for the NOOSE, so they stop using the Unmarked and the Sheriff one ? And too, adding this Unmarked Granger for the FIB.
    I like how you made the FIB dispatch, they don't spawn like some others Dispatch mod, directly at 4 stars with 10000 guys. Here they come at 4 stars but with a chopper and 2 guys going on foot, it's balanced for a FIB response. It's only at 5 stars they will come seriously.
    I think you have too much Unmarked units (regardless of the FIB of course) between 1 star and 3 star.
    Unmarked units should be parked, or very rare on the roads.
    And too, if possible, adding Speed Units, and make the normal cops more smart to purchase you, maybe by increasing their vehicles speed ? Speed units would be an AI made to follow your car on the highways at high speed, because normal cops don't do it they just crash or are completely lost behind you xd. They will use supercars and can drop spikes. They will use fast helicopters to track you on the highway and be sure you're not lost. They can drive perfectly and will take the emergency path of the highway, the one without NPC cars on the sides, normal cops should do it too, this can prevent the "I lost the suspect because I'm slow or I crashed". And of course, with that, removing the cops cars spawning on the road, they should be on the side, ready to intercept you.
    Driving too fast should give you a wanted level of 1 star and high speed motorcycles following you and asking you to stop, if you don't stop you have 2 stars, and after 3 stars if you're still driving. I would like to see better roadblocks, and a rework of the spikes roadblock, because NPC drive on them and cops too, lmao.
    I'm asking a lot, but when I see all the work in this mod, this will make it the perfect one from all the others. I never had so much fun and feeling of a true dispatch. You even have warrant, vehicle known, suspect known, they don't use firearms until you use one or kill someone, they even call backup at 1 star if you show a gun because you're armed, they will call NOOSE if you use a big weapon like a Combat MG or explosives, and the 6 stars are back ! The work is so insane...
    Even with the things I said that I think they should be reworked, the mod deserve my 5 stars.
    (Sorry for mistakes I'm not english native).

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    August 25, 2020
  • Lamar

    Somebody know why it doesn't follow game audio settings ? My music is off but it seems like that these files don't care about that.
    If I remove them, my music is off, and if I put them, my music is on, and it's impossible to edit the audio settings.

    August 23, 2020