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    Is there a way for me to set the reeling in/out to Mouse4 & Mouse5 instead of the Mouse Wheel? There isn't anything in the .ini file regarding the controls of that and I want to use the mouse wheel for other things, but it gets in the way.

    October 22, 2019
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    oops, just realized that this is the wrong mod page. My bad, pay no attention to what I said.

    October 22, 2019
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    Is there a way that I can bind the reeling in and pushing out to my Mouse4 & Mouse5 instead of MouseWheel? There isn't anything in the .ini file I can change to do that, or at least, I don't know how to right now.

    October 17, 2019
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    Never mind, I fixed it. Turns out there was a ScriptHookV.NET file I accidentally forgot to put into the game directory. Good mod btw

    September 11, 2018
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    I must be missing something... I also don't know if pertains to you or to Bob_74...

    So I Installed Simple Power Punch and put all 4 files (SimplePowerPunch.cs, SimplePowerPunchSettings[folder], NoMoreShorcuts.dll, and NoMoreShortcuts[folder]) into the 'script' folder located within the GTAV directory as instructed.

    My first question is: Is that all that is usually required in order for this mod to work? Because it didn't for me.

    Next, I clicked the link you provided to get to Bob_74's No More Shortcuts Mod page and downloaded it as well as all 4 of his "prerequisite" files that he has listed there. I followed his instruction and placed every file where it was supposed to (however, I saw that there was already an XML profile file for SimplePowerPunch, which you provided, so I didn't make a new profile file). The mod still didn't activate when I pressed F10, so I went to Bob_74's Profile Editor Mod page and downloaded it as well just to make sure if the XML profile file you provided had any issues with it, which it didn't. After a while of moving files around to see if it would change anything, which it didn't, then I moved all the files back in their correct spot and triple checked to see if I misplaced any files. That's where I am now.

    I obviously really want to get this mod working, but I don't know what the problem is. If this doesn't seem like a problem on your side, then I'll contact Bob_74 and get back to you on what happens. Thanks for any help you can give.

    September 09, 2018