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  • 4155e8 quant

    @joaopedro47 you just wanna share screenshots? you can do it here, or if you want to send me in private for any reason you can pm me here at 5mods or steam, fb, etc... feel free to contact in the way you prefer I have all my social stuff linked in my profile.

    3 days ago
  • 4155e8 quant

    Love it, thanks =)

    3 days ago
  • 4155e8 quant
    6 days ago
  • 4155e8 quant

    @jus1029 game folder, the place where GTA5.exe is.

    9 days ago
  • 4155e8 quant

    @MvcGyver sure thing ;)

    @mortid thanks for the feedback.

    @jus1029 GTAV folder.

    October 09, 2017
  • 4155e8 quant

    @OP_coop hmmm I think is doable yes

    October 06, 2017
  • 4155e8 quant

    @SilverRST Thank you! about blurred wheels I think you mistake me with someone else using EVE?

    October 06, 2017
  • 4155e8 quant
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       QuantV 2.0a (hotfix)     October 6, changelog:


       - improved global lighting.
       - view distance.
       - small tweaks to equilibrate lights.
       - fixed missing shadows in garages interiors.

    · SCRIPT:
       - Improved Wheel/Rims menu, now it detects all names for both replace + addon.
       - Added Tunings real names (if there is any).
       - Added "on the fly" RGB color maker.
       - New *.ini option: DOFintensity.
       - Added option to save settings to *.ini
       - Fixed bug when player dies it was enabling cam control.
       - Fixed small issue with gamepad togglekeys.
       - Fixed "Hide Radar" when blips/events came up (untested, need feedback).
       - Fixed "Vehicle Lights" toggle when player is out of the vehicle (or using cam control).


       QuantV 2.0     September 25, changelog:
    -  OIV installer now is basic, contains ONLY the very necessary files.
       - NoIntro and vehshare now are optionals, they also have .OIV installer if needed.

    -  TIMECYC 2.0:
       - New weathers, new lighting, new new new can't name everything that's the point of jumping 1.0 to 2.0

    -  .ASI TRAINER:
       - Fixed compatibility across ALL patches.

       -  CAM CONTROL:
          - Added Rotation tilt.
          - Added Unattach player option.
          - Added Near DOF, now it is complete with both Far & Near DOF distance control.
          - Added Speed control.
          - Fixed disappearing vehicles/peds when camera gets too close to them.
          - Fixed bad shadow + LOD quality when you move camera far away.
          - Added screen effects, shake, and film grain/noise multiplier.
          - Added screenshots and panoramic option (BETA).

       -  GRAPHICS:
          - CLOUDS: Added new option to increase/decrease intensity.
          - SHADOWS: Added distance multiplier.
          - Added FPS counter.
          - Added basic MAP EDITOR to spawn and edit PROPS (actually all entities not just objects).
          - Added Cut Scenes menu.

       -  WEATHERS:
          - Fixed "Freeze Weather" (it wasn't freezing at all).
          - Added Weather Mixer to combine two weathers (useful to test transitions and stuff).

       -  VEHICLES
          - Added Vehicle Preview.
          - Added EXTRAS.
          - New option 'Fix Wheel Turn Back' (vehicles>tunings>wheels) if enabled and vehicle is stopped, then wheels stay turned (also available in *ini file)
          - New option to Turn On Brake Lights when you stop the vehicle (vehicles>tunings>lights)
          - Added Air Suspension (Slam It)
          - Added "Show Vehicle Info" to see all available Extras, Tunings, etc. (you can select any vehicle by pointing at them)
          - Added "Show Vehicle LOD", useful to check if a vehicle have proper lod before adding to your traffic.
          - Fixed sirens restarting when using God Mode.

       -  PLAYER
          - Added PLAYER CUSTOMIZATIONS, yeah finally change clothes, hats... everything.
          - Added PLAYER anims.
          - Added MOBILE RADIO.
          - Fixed wrong textures when changing skins.
          - Disabled wanted sound when "Never Wanted" option is ON (f.e: while on no-fly zone).
          - Added BODYGUARD.
          - Added options for Driverless car go to waypoint.
       -  Added new dlc content 1.0.1180.2 (VEHICLES, MP MAPS, etc).
       -  Redone TIMELAPSE feature, now its smooth!
       -  Fixed Remove Traffic option, also removes vehicle lods.
       -  Added MK2 weapons.
       -  [...] a lot of fixes and optimizations.
    · New settings for .ini file: GodMode, FixWheelsTurningBack, showFPS, unattachCam, etc...

    · Remember backup your *.ini settings or your add-on list (if you have any)

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    October 06, 2017
  • 4155e8 quant

    @Halfmoonhowler Thank you, I'm pushing new update right now (with .ini stuff among other things), I'll try to balance soft dof and finish other requests on next update.

    @wernhard exactly, *shadow multiplier* is related to distance, it is also a way for people to see by themselves (in real-time) that the known "fix" is not a fix, when you increase box size game engine decreases quality at the same time, and there is no workaround for that, you can increase quality in game settings to make it less noticeable but it'll be always there.
    *hq shadows* is a weird experiment I did that basically aims to do the same fix but in a better way, increase box size and make this the box around player much less noticeable (even if you have lower quality in game settings), of course still not a proper fix (that would require *.fxc shader edit), but is way better fix than what is available out there (which is just increase shadow cascade).
    the other options are just different setts the game uses in certain situations (e.g: interiors, etc) they are also used in natives.

    October 06, 2017
  • 4155e8 quant

    yeah man 2.1 =)

    October 05, 2017