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    Is there a reason why I can not get back on the bus after getting out?

    July 03, 2022
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    How do i get them to not ragdoll for so long??

    May 17, 2022
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    Would be a perfect news truck in five if it had all amber lighting and no siren.

    March 31, 2022
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    Might as well report this mod. Thought maybe after some time you would update this. Still no update.

    March 16, 2022
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    Will there be a longer version of the Gillig in the future? Cause brotha you NAILED this. Im from Colorado and we use Gillig. And I already have the skin ready for a RTD bus lol.

    April 30, 2021
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    I dont see a point in this if I'm editing the carvariations file. My siren setting for this car is 9619. When I put it in open iv wont even save the file.

    February 16, 2021
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    @slinkykilla IDC. Lol, I made my lights red and blue with a clear lightbar. Pays off when you know how to manipulate files. My stream loved it.

    January 04, 2021
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    @Cascadia1990 We will just have to wait and see. Looks like we may wait a while for an update. I'm hopeful that @LtFlash will give us one. But he may have a bunch of other more important updates. Until then I figured out that if you get in a truck and just go get the trailers instead of getting one at the station it should not crash.

    January 04, 2021
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    @ChippyChickin @Onkar @yachtlover @flowDESIGN @simosd @MixGaming255 Check the pinned comment. I want it updated just as badly as you do. Maybe we can stop tripping and just wait. It may never come and someone els may develop it. It was great to stream with for a while. But if your biggest problem is the people not entering the buss. Just pretend!. I do.

    January 04, 2021
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    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.659] RAGE: Transportation: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION DURING GAME FIBER TICK
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: ------------------------------
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: Origin: Rage.SleeplessGameFiber
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: ------------------------------
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: Exception type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: Exception message: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] Parameter name: index
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: ------------------------------
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: Inner exceptions:
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: ------------------------------
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: Stack trace:
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at RAGE_Transportation.UI.Menus.AddFreightMultiMenu..ctor(IMultiLoadableVeh veh, IBusinessesController businessCtrl, ILoadsController loadsCtrl)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at RAGE_Transportation.UI.Menus.MainMenuController.CreateMenusForTrailer(ITrailer currentTrailer)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at RAGE_Transportation.UI.Menus.MainMenuController.CreateMenusForVehicles(IVehicle currentVeh, ITrailer currentTrailer)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at RAGE_Transportation.UI.Menus.MainMenuController.Game_FrameRender(Object sender, GraphicsEventArgs e)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at Rage.Game.RaiseFrameRender(GraphicsEventArgs e)
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at Rage.RemotePlugin.HandleRenderFiber()
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] at Rage.GameFiber.Main()
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation: ==============================
    [12/23/2020 4:21:30 PM.660] RAGE: Transportation:

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    December 23, 2020