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    Thanks for the new link, and good news with 75% .OIV. Waiting for 100%! : D Greetings

    21 hours ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum

    @GanjaHouse @KuzeyEvaRey

    I decided to download the RPF package and see that:


    Is not available. Will someone insert a new working link?

    The rest of the links are working.

    1 day ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum

    Thank you for version 2.9.

    3 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    I found a difference between your edited file and the original one from @Driver

    This is either a mistake or a simple thing to fix / change. I will describe it here as soon as I find a spare time. Write if you have the desire and the time for any modifications to this modification.

    4 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    Will version 2.2 include missing Heavy Trucks or other? And if not, are you planning to add in 2.2.1 with a short break? It was great to get only Heavy Trucks and the rest at a later time :)

    And great thanks and respect for the current work and update 2.2 :)

    8 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    I tested and found colored (green) taxi on the road and the police in traffic and on the roadside. The modification seems to work well :)

    I have only one question about the files gameconfig.xml and popgroups.ymt. What I lose or do not see your modifications if you use these files from @F7YO ?

    Is not no problem? And this does not affect the operation of all the things in your modifications?

    If, however, the result of this there any disadvantages or drawbacks is there a way to compatibility and editing values would have the advantages of both modifications?

    10 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum

    Thank you for your response and for the clarification. Great work and respect for you!

    10 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    Perhaps it could be in the next update to add some texture better roads, pavements higher resolution, eg. Improved Texture Project 1.3 by @eshenk

    So that with one another was compatible :)

    March 18, 2017
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    Is your modified filepopgroups.ymt It works in the same way and gives the same result as DLC / Add-On Vehicles Spawn on Traffic 1.3 to @ImNotMentaL ?

    Is the principle of operation is the same or different? You can ask for an explanation of differences between the mods and the other one?

    March 18, 2017
  • 694b53 eminem   forum

    @Cass Hello ;)

    I installed this modification to the folder mods and installation .oiv passed. Unfortunately I can not see the difference in the game, and I'm not sure if the modification was to end installed correctly.

    Let me give an example of these things:

    More variety of truck trailers
    DLC weapons (gangs)
    nude beaches
    Police bicycles
    Police patrols

    I do not see any police patrols and police on bicycles and the new trailers or gangs. I went also to the beaches and there also do not see the difference. I do not see any naked women like.

    What is the easiest way to check if a modification has been installed 100% right? in what place I should go and what to see?

    March 18, 2017