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    @SentinelWinters then just go to update and afterwards

    October 06, 2017
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    I am having a problem with every single reshade and enb. After installing, on left corner screen the reshade and enb appears normally. The reshade massage gone normally but the enb massage not dissappearing. That's why after showing Rockstar logo the screen goes black with the enb massage and the story mode loading doesn't come up. After few seconds it crashed. If i remove the enb and reshade, the game loads fine. Anyone can help me with this problem?

    September 25, 2017
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    Ok, as you said 2 missions already completed, but still i wanted to play from the start. So every time i start a new game and select yes, the story never loads and looping again in the pictures. I tried to delete the save data to start a new game, still its not loading, looping in the loading screen. I tried the priority fix, but still nothing. I got the reloaded cracked version. Anyone can help?

    September 08, 2017
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    Yeah bro, why your rar file not opening, really gonna need that

    September 02, 2017
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    Is there any way to fix the speedometer inside of a vehicle because for some vehicle it's glowing and yellowish. And also some vehicle's headlights and indicators are too bright in the daylight even its off. Pls any fix? I am using make visuals great again mods

    September 01, 2017
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    There is two problems. 1 no sound in the car or engine and 2 no first person view in the car. Fix pls

    August 27, 2017
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    Ok, I install this via openiv into the mods folder. Is there any additional things to do because i can't find this car. Please help me

    August 25, 2017