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    @Trevorfuentes i am using what is saying in description

    November 05, 2023
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    So for everyone here who are still having problems here is my solution:

    I am using this gameconfig and for me is working 100% perfect. The GTA just had been updated again and it start crashing again, BUT:
    I've deleted just the update.rpf from mods folder, copy it again, put this gameconfig in, and then I installed addons a few each time and tested it to see if it worked. There are some mods which didn't work, but I'm using right now over 50s cars and mlos and I played it for hours and nothing happened.
    I installed like 10 card then tested it, then another 10 and tested and so on.
    I don't have a problem right now

    So all you have to do is to delete the mods folder, copy it back, put the gameconfig and install the mods back but be patient.

    I also want to say that I tried also @F7YO gameconfig and is working too.

    November 04, 2023
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    I had this gameconfig since it was released and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately GTA v had been updated again and now is not working...
    I really hate gta v right now and I think I will just delete it and do something else with my spare time.

    November 02, 2023
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    @skipper00123 I have all the necessary files. Without any mods is working but still crashes after a few minutes of playing. With more mods is crashing after I spawn a car, with less mods is crashing on loading screen.

    July 30, 2023
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    I have everything installed but my game crashes on the loading screen or after 5 minutes of playing

    July 27, 2023
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    Does anyone know how to solve my game from crashing?
    It got updated, I put this gameconfig, new trainer, new scripthook.
    Starts ok, but after a few minutes it keeps crashing. The game exit and I don't see any error

    December 25, 2022
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    Anybody knows why my game crashes every time I get closer to Lesters house ? I reinstalled the game twice... I have no mods, nothing and when I do the first mission with Lester is crashing... Big thanks

    May 22, 2021
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    woow :O looks awesome in pictures.... but for me isn't working... it crashes at the start load...when i delete this mod is working fine, and when i put the mod is crashing.... i have the last gameconfig, heaplimit....

    May 02, 2021
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    or can you tell me how do you all have installed this mode ?

    April 03, 2021
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    anybody knows why the game is crashing at loading screen after i installed this ? i did all from readme, i have last gameconfig, heapadjuster.... when i installed the mapped pony was the same, crashing at the loading screen, but i deleted, installed again, replacing the gameconfig and was fine.... but this rumpo... no... is always crashing

    April 03, 2021