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  • Trevor

    Nice, looks good and true to the real FAMAS. The picatinny rail on the top looks a little big but generally pretty good

    July 22, 2020
  • Trevor

    @DynsPr It turns out all I had to do was download something, and was able to copy across the files. However, when I downloaded the mod itself i only received one RAR file, instead of multiple of the other file type you mentioned in the description showing where to put these files...

    June 02, 2020
  • Trevor

    @DynsPr I downloaded the mod, and then downloaded the OpenIV software and ran it. After that I followed the folder path you put in you said to, and inserted the mod. I wasn't prompted to copy to a mods folder (my GTA is on epic games, idk if that changes anything) which was suggested in the video you linked for another person struggling. I went to open GTA and it says that the game data is corrupted and closes before anything happens. I am new to downloading mods, and haven't used OpenIV before, so realistically have no idea what I'm doing pls help :(

    May 31, 2020