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    I wanna play GTA 5 with this mod but this one thing is stopping me.
    [00:03:43] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'JobsV.Main' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void GTA.Script.Dispose()'.
    at JobsV.Main..ctor()

    May 24, 2017
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    It works for me but removes 20-30 Inbuilt-GTA blips (Los Santos and more). I tried out No Disappearing blips mod and still it didn't fix it, when i deleted the mod. The blips reappeared, please help! I really want this mod in my singleplayer game.

    May 24, 2017
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    @HornyOldMan Yeah, i managed to fix it by updating. Just realized i had a update..

    May 24, 2017
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    ----- Begin Exception -----
    Time: 5/23/2017 10:51:45 PM
    Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Extra Message:
    Exception Dump:

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.GarageBuilding.CreateGarageProps()
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.GarageBuilding.SaveBuilding()
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.SinglePlayerGarageScript.SaveAllBuildings()
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.Garage.Load(String garageDir, GarageLayout garageLayout, GarageOutsideLayout garageOutside)
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.GarageBuilding.Load(String s)
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.SinglePlayerGarageScript.Init()
    at mlgthatsme.GarageMod.SinglePlayerGarageScript.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    ------ End Exception ------

    Fix please?

    May 23, 2017
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    [22:55:19] FATAL: Can't find native 0x6089CDF6A57F326C, can you help please? Giving a 4.5 star for now.

    May 23, 2017