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    January 29, 2018
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    Estoy de camino a hacer lo mismo que hice en GTA IV, con GTA V, teniendo en cuenta que Los Santos es muy parecida a Barcelona en muchos aspectos! En cuanto a clima, geografía, estilo....

    Es una suerte que haya compatibilidad con el OpenIV en cuanto a ediciones!

    Por cierto, te recomiendo editar los cuadraditos rojos y los colores de las texturas de esta ambulancia! Porque en la vida real, no son tan vivos ni tan grandes! (Lo digo porque trabajo en el S.E.M y no son así)
    Además las luces prioritarias son naranjas, aunque dicen que pronto las cambiarán a azules! Mejor no lo toques :)

    January 26, 2018
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    As an active EMT (working tomorrow 12 hours shift),

    Paramedics/EMT's are generalized as "life-saviors, risk-taking, etc..."
    When the most frequent services are:

    Stupid people not wanting to pay a taxi, (Especially on free healthcare/social security paid healthcare countries)
    90yo sad grandmas that have breathing problems as they can't take the coughing syroup on their own, etc...
    Mothers that see 0,000001 additional degree on her 1 year old child, as a life-threatening fever, and will start telling you what to do, and all the internet-based diagnoses he made on his son.
    Drunk guy that his friends won't give him a drive home because they have to work next morning, etc...
    Two perfectly healthy and intact drivers that had an accident, but one's girlfriend called an ambulance because one of them has a small scrape wound, and both guys are arging about who is a "Insert 9231 insults and swear words here", and the cop at scene is like wtf, and both you and the cop talk about life for half an hour.
    Old man that feels okay, but his son called just in case, and leave with signed paperwork stating no attention needed.

    What I mean with this, is that not only heavy callouts should be put in these scripts.
    Speaking in terms of realism, the most frequent callouts, are all of those mentioned above, while the ones in this and other EMS scripts, are less common.

    Except in Russia, of course, where Vodka plays an important role on callouts.

    January 26, 2018
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    Hey Sergio!! Estoy haciendo lo mismo que tu, pero en el GTA IV! A ver que te parece ;)

    Un saludo Crack!

    Mirate como va de momento! :)

    April 19, 2016