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    the headlights textures flicking too much for some reason or it might only in my end idk, maybe you should consider to fix that too if you are planing to update it :)

    2 days ago
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    I forgot to rate these great wheels, i had a problem before but that was from my End not the mod.

    3 days ago
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    can I use addon cars with this new updates? I've been using a modified version allowing me to use addon provided in previous comment.

    5 hari yang lalu
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    StarTech , Mansory and the stock one all are the best in here. the only thing that killing from inside there is either half tinted back or all full tinted. but that's just a little thing and doesn't effect that fact these 3 versions are great in every aspect.

    5 days ago
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    the problem is once I enable MPmap openintreior game will crash:
    "An exception occurred while executing 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFED74CB950), id 35"
    Game version: 1.0.1604.1 (latest)
    ScripthookV: 1.0.1604.1 (latest)
    ScripthookDotNet: latest
    DLC mapfix = installed.
    Enable required options in Openinterior ini = yes .

    5 days ago
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    solved my issue by disabling advance option #1 and 2.

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    some of my addon cars won't load with this mod installed. the mod working correctly i can enter buildings , i see everything but SOME of the addon cars wont load, game will just crash with no error. once i uninstalled the mod everything load as normal.
    I only disabled the mp map in the ini file, didn't change any other value .

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    @DragoN777 thank you so much for this awesome mod.
    @ahmeda1999 really nice screenshots bro.

    6 days ago
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    I forgot to rate this amazing mod, with the new update it's one of the top .

    6 dni temu
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    great tool

    vor 7 Tagen