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    @mcal9909 LS Life continues to be one of my favourite mods, so a huge thank you. I am level 67 now, I have run out of districts to assign dealers to. It's such a great mod, I really hope you return to coding in some of the changes you mentioned last year (*namely the ability to have a 're-up' management system, and to have more than one dealer per district, and reduce the amount of street clients who shoot at us, and there is a bug wherein if you are killed - the 'robber' is not indicated on the map thus money and product are lost)
    FYI: I keep 600/600/1200 ounces of C/C/W per dealer, it's what I've gotta do to keep them stocked while I make re-up deliveries/rounds.
    It's a worthy project that deserves some monetary compensation for the sheer amount of additional playtime we get.

    June 15, 2023
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    Please make a stock version without all the oddball mods. Ride height, exhaust, front bumper, etc. etc. Right now it looks more like a Tesla M3

    June 09, 2023
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    Update after hitting level 67: With such a large scale operation (40-50+ dealers), I've almost run out of deploy-able locations on the map. Since some districts in GTA5 are so large (i.e. Vinewood or West Vinewood) it would be nice to run multiple dealers in single districts.
    I've taken to equipping each dealer with 600/600/1200oz and picking up nearly 1mil from them each time, since it can take a while to get around to each dealer for re-up. Perhaps an HQ for coordinating Lieutenants, and randomized large scale cargo side-missions to give realism :)
    This mod with: AddedTraffic, Better Chases+, PullMeOver, BusSim and SaveVehicles create a great deal of ways to deal. Then try LSPD:FR and be a crooked cop, or clean up the streets you just made dirty, lol.

    January 11, 2023
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    Google drive link still dead for 2.2

    December 19, 2022
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    Still loving this mod - one critique (after hitting level 16) is the annoyance of getting shot by some random junkie with a shotgun, and losing everything, even after respawning and getting the message from Zee, but finding no red marker on the map. Looking forward to future updates! Keep up the amazing work! I've combined LSLife with Bus Simulator and other mods for more dealing fun! :)

    November 16, 2022
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    Interior colours are all wrong (should be dark red), and M5's never had this much chrome.

    November 11, 2022
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    Thanks so much for this XJ40. I used to own one for many years. One thing: It's too fast, lol, it should have the balance and speed of your Town Cars, that straight 6 was only good for 200HP ;)

    November 02, 2022
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    Excellent pack - was using your previous version, love your cars. We need more normal cars like the Voyager and XJ6.

    November 02, 2022
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    Missing AMG calipers, wrong side badging text and rear badging text+placement. Keep working on it! The M113k is hoping you will!

    October 14, 2022
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    @Szupryt Go into the LSLife_Dealers.xml file and delete the entry for that dealer (while preserving the formatting), make a backup just in case.

    October 13, 2022