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    Phuc co gi nhan tin cho minh qua iMessage +61.498.498.498 hoac http://m.me/nsw.transport nhe, minh muon custom vehicle muon nho Phuc lam trong GTA V, minh se gui tien qua Paypal cho Phuc. Cam on Phuc!!

    June 24, 2018
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    In case if you can, please make a mobile house enough for 10 people something and can run around with that. Thank you so much.

    May 17, 2018
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    Thank you Mr. Ande300 for this mod. It is the best Unmarked car that I've seen.

    I wish you will turn more in-game cars become Unmarked like this one. Really appreciated!!!

    May 17, 2018
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    I am happy to pay $20 USD via PAYPAL to let you fix up my issue through Team Viewer, please help me out and it may takes 5 mins of yours, bro @Guadmaz.

    YEsterday I still could use some objects (such as some objects Monitor) but today when I keep building my own map. Those objects become INVALID for no reason. I did try to remove Map Editor then download lastest version, also down load Object Spawn Unlocked and Map Builder. But half objects still INVALID. I load map and all INVALID objects some gone and some becomes UNKNOW PROP.

    Please reply to me whenever u can:

    iMessage/sms/Viber: +61499993333 or +61498498498 or email to me at iphuongdoan@yahoo.com.

    Thank you for your reading.

    June 17, 2016