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    Guys i have found a solution to the mods not working.
    Go to open iv and the first step is to locate carcols.meta, then locate the following lines:

    (line 5) <kitName>charger69_modkit</kitName> change to: <kitName>696_charger69_modkit</kitName>
    (line 6) <id value="507" /> change to: <id value="696" />
    (line 1840) <id value="499"/> change to: <id value="696"/>

    Second step is to locate: carvariations.meta and change the following lines:

    (line 240) <Item>charger69_modkit</Item> change to: <Item>696_charger69_modkit</Item>
    (line 255) <lightSettings value="499" /> change to: <lightSettings value="696" />

    My main guide for this is this source: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/9648/tutorial-how-to-fix-modkit-id-tuning-error
    so you can try other ways to fix this

    December 18, 2023