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    turns out somethings fucked with the update and it wont work in LS

    December 04, 2021
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    Update 2.0

    Updated zonebind.ipl and dispatch.meta to allow LSPD/LSSD to still spawn on the mainland.
    Updated instructions.txt and added more .txt files for better explanation on some new things.
    Updated dispatch.meta and loadouts.meta to be kind of "default."
    Updated pedpersonality.ymt for incorporation of the new system.

    December 04, 2021
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    Stretched version (to match the normal length of the Cruiser's badging) comes soon.

    December 02, 2021
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    Update 1.1

    Added DLC weapons for the troops. Updated instructions.txt to go with it. Found a way to fix the Valkyrie but haven't gotten to it yet. Have not figured out the popzone.ipl situation though.

    August 31, 2021
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    Thank you very much!

    However, I would prefer to just edit the zone (similarly to how LSSD spawns instead of LSPD in Blaine County) that Cayo Perico spawns in (somewhere in the ocean, can't find where yet), to spawn them instead. However, this would interfere with a North Yankton wanted level soooooo.... move it to the top left of the map.

    August 08, 2021