2008 Liberty City Metro Train [Replace] 1.0



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Yes, this is the GTA IV Subway in GTA V. Why would you want this? Well I dunno, I just made this because I was bored and hated GTA V's trains. Now let me guess, I have made you begin wondering why I am uploading this if I just made it because I was bored? well I already have a 2008 comet mod so I figured I would expand upon my 2008 mods. This mod does have a few issues which are discussed below this section of the description, but one I am going to mention here that is not a bug is that the pedestrians have trouble leaving the train sometimes, they also are floating on the inside when sitting, I am going to fix them floating in the first update to this mod, Don't worry.


Beta 1.0
- Initial Release

- Fixed The Bottom Of The Train Being Black

Known Bugs

- The train goes off the tracks sometimes on some of GTA V's sharp turns, this is because the train is literally double the size of the default one. There is nothing I can do about this without making it look like complete garbage.

- The train merges into railroads, as mentioned with the last known bug this cannot be fixed properly because of scaling. Now you may be saying, just change the vertical adjustment in trains.xml. Well I already did that, then it just floats a little bit and you cannot smoothly walk onto it from the stations.

- The trains collision material is all wood. This is easy to ignore, but it will eventually be fixed. I am still learning how to do collisions properly

Place trains.xml in common.rpf>data>levels>gta5

Place all of the "metrotrain" files in x64e.rpf>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf
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