C-17A Globemaster III [Add-On | Livery] 1.1

After a long time, here we finally have the C-17A Globemaster III. Took quite some time from start to finish (mostly because of the interior), but the result is more than satisfying in my opinion.
The whole interior can be accessed via the rear loading ramps. You can walk through it, up the stairs and even get into the cockpit. Cars, trucks and perhaps even a Rhino (didn't try) fit into the loading bay and can be transported. the front stairway on the left can be lowered as well.
The cockpit features a working flightstick, artifical horizon, altimeter, compass and engine display.
As usual with the other mods, basic features like ailerons, elevators, fans rudders, flaps and breakable wings/tail are supported as well.

This C-17A comes with 3 different skins (livery support ingame):


Now able to fit Rhinos in (tested with M1A2 Abrams mod) (Seats are not solid anymore to fit the tank)
No see-through the tail when the aircraft is broken
fixed wheel texture
some minor parts clipping (interior)

Still trying to figure out what causes users with graphic enhancements mods to have 2 different shades of grey, I will try to update that as well

Like I have said before, I'm really eager to release more aircraft (military/civillian), helicopters and military vehicles. If you like my work and want to see more, please show your support donating. It helps me affording the things I need to continue modding (ZM3, model files, etc)

And thanks alot for the support I have recieved already :)

(And you could keep up with my YT channel to see WIP videos of upcoming mods)
First Uploaded: February 04, 2016
Last Updated: February 05, 2016
Last Downloaded: 3 minutes ago

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