Chevrolet Impala 1964 SS Hard Top [Add-On | Tuning | Wipers] 3.0

This is the 1964 409 Chevrolet Impala SS Hard Top

This mod add a 64 Impala lowrider and a stock version + a real daytons wheel pack to the game.
This Model is converted from Forza 4 and edited and new stuff scratched by MrGTAmodsgerman.
The 90 lowrider liverys was made by BULLFAYCE (Special thanks to him) all others are vanilla Voodoo liverys. And for keeping this mod so original
Also special thanks to kizacudo for helping me to fix the tuning parts game limit problem.
Special thanks also goes to ChOcOsKiZo for introducing me into addon building.

Spawn name for the stock version: Impalass2
Spawn name for the lowrider version: impalass

Features: Stock/Lowrider version
-Add-On (ONLY)
-Over 400 tuning parts for the lowrider version (To game tuning parts limits)
-Wiper script support for both (stock/lowrider) version. The script is not required! No bugs without this script
-Outside/Inside colorable
-realistic damage hardness
-Realistic deformation area (new own created feature)
-Burn Area
-Original 1964 Window paint
-Moving Steering Wheel
-Custom headlight textures
-Brakeable Glass
-Original 64 wheels
-Original gauges
-Original Chevrolet Impala Windows Up/Down Movement
-Original dome lights
-Original jacking instructions (Stock version only)
-Original dashboard lightning
-Bullet trace
-Real 64 Chevrolet Sound
-GTA V License plate
-Outside and Inside Neon
-HQ Realistic Mirrors
-Extra Lights
-Dirt Map
-Normal Maps
-Lowrider version
-Realistic hydraulic handling mod
-Animated fuzzy Dizzy Cube for the lowrider version
-Animated engine
-Lowrider Interior tuning parts based on real lowriders.
-Original 409 3D Engine
-Real tuning parts
-Realistic oldshool exhaust smoke
-Realistic windshield cracking
-Realistic hydraulic handling with realistic real lowirder wheels bouncing back
-Realistic 3D headlights
-36 real daytons wheel pack
-LED light bars for some interior tuning
-Custom tuning parts names with translation for german V players
-Full LODs on both versions (stock/lowrider) but not on tuning parts except the wheel pack
-EmissiveMultiplier effect downgrade fix included
-Realistic custom suspension tuning
-YMT generated hashes for the model

You need Menyoo or Simple Trainer to get acess of all tuning parts.
For the lowest suspension tuning you will need to use Menyoo! Otherwise it would crash with Simple Trainer
Benny's Motorworks mod by Guadmaz will not work correctly anymore with the lowrider version! Download now the rewrite of this script here by I'm Not Mental


Pictures included

For Liverys, credit me and give a link to this mod!

-OpenIV + his ASI loader and mods folder
-Custom gameconfig: for ex. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars
-Menyoo or Simple Trainer mod menu or Benny's Motorworks script rewrite by I'm Not Mental
-EmissiveMultiplier downgrade temporary fix from the download
-DLC patchday12ng
-A brain

REMOVE THE OLD REPLACE VERSION BEFORE YOU INSTALL! It could conflict with the addon because same tuning part names and much more
To do that, just delete the old mplowrider folder from your mods folder!

How to Install?
1.Download and Install/open OpenIV.
2.Create a folder inside your GTA 5 Directory with the name "mods"
3.Copy the impalass addon folder from the "To Copy in your GTA Folder" folder to your GTA V dlcpacks.
4.Add the dlc to your dlclist.xml
5.Install the EmissiveMultiplier downgrade fix from the "[MUST ALSO BE INSTALLED] Rockstar Games downgrade fix" folder of the download to your update.rpf.
6.Install any modded gameconfig.xml for your game version to your update.rpf
7.Now if you want, you can install a alternative livery section from the "Alternative Liverys you can install" folder of the download.
8.Done and rate my mod :D
For more information about installing, just read the detailed readme and how to files from the download!

Now if you like, you can support Me by donate a little bit to my PayPal account (Watch at my GTA 5-mods or GTAinside account) Or to my Patreon account to support me or directly future mods.

You need Menyoo or Simple Trainer to get acess of all tuning parts.
For the lowest suspension tuning you will need to use Menyoo! Otherwise it would crash with Simple Trainer
Benny's Motorworks mod by Guadmaz will not work correctly anymore with the lowrider version!
For that, just use I'm Not Mental rewrited version!

Report any bug that you find fast as you can, otherwise the convertible version will have the same Bug and won't get fixed
Remove the old replace version of this mod if you have it.
If you use alot of car dlcs in your game, just make sure that the modkit id from this mod is not already in used

Video about 3.0 Changes:

Changelog 3.0:
-Fix wheels on rim driving issue (Also for the wheels pack)
-Add over 300 new tuning parts to count about 400 tuning parts
-Added new tuning sections (switches, sunshades, grills, wheels and much more)
-Added 36 real DAYTON's wheel pack
-Reworked and fixed 90% of all tuning parts
-Fixed boarding pin glitching bug
-Added animated engine (Stock and lowrider)
-Reworked headlights and taillight light.
-Fixed some textures with greenish or too dark
-Added photo realistic illustrated headlights
-Make stock and lowrider version as Add-On Only!
-Reworked alot of base car materials for both versions
-Updated the stock version to update 3.0
-Added a realistic lowrider handling for real user friendly driving and realistic wheel bouncing
-Made stock and lowrider version compatible with the "Windshield wipers script"
-Added realistic windshield cracking
-Fixed dirt in interior
-Fixed stock version curve sliding
-Fixed first persion camera position
-Fixed grill flickering
-Fixed roof tuning dirt problem
-Fixed dirt map on stock version
-Fixed dials tuning are not colorable
-Fixed exhaust tuning deformation bug
-Added realistic dashboard lightning
-Added original hand brake light on the dials
-Fixed taillights and brake lights to original lightning up style
-Fixed headlight and taillight corona setting to custom one
-Removed plate holder and benny's plate tuning because GTA V have a tuning part limit
-Removed some bobble tuning because the tuning parts limit from GTA V
-Added alot of new bobble tuning + Carl Johnson bobble
-Added a GTA San Andreas Savanna Livery (Thanks to BULLFAYCE)
-Increased pedestrians reaction to the lowrider version
-Added custom names with also german language support
-Added own created realistic deformation area
-Added LED bars to some interior tuning and dices
-Fixed hydraulic and last audio tuning are perfectly positioned
-Fixed SS logo inside all interior variations
-Decreased flickering of lowriders bottom
-Fixed mirror position bug
-Added engraved tuning parts
-Reworked bumper tuning with less polygons but increased detail
-Fixed interior dome lights to real original Impala dome light position
-Removed hydraulic handling mod by BULLFAYCE
-Fixed big tuning parts bug on the development to 3.0
-Added full LODs for stock and lowrider version, but not on the tuning parts except the wheels pack
-Changed wheels of the lowrider default version to real better DAYTON's, thanks for BULLFACE to provide me a base model. Its also now much more colorable
-Added alot of new color variations for stock and the lowrider version.
-Added original jacking instructions sign to the stock version.
-Fixed and added interior color, now some interiors are colorable with the interior color section
-Fixed hydraulic 3d model to faked animated model.
-Fixed bone issue in the carcols file
-Fixed lowrider version normals problem
-Added custom extreem suspension tuning
-Fixed no suspension tuning for the lowrider version
-Improved dirt mapping for the lowrider version
-Removed fuel tank tuning section
-All tuning parts are now right sorted
-Fixed right wheels position
-Added YMT model hash genration file

Changelog 2.0:
-Fix the wheels of the Stock version
-Create a lowrider version
-Create alot of lowrider tuning parts
-Create a original 409 3D Engine with real textures
-Add a Hydraulic handling mod to make the hydraulic userfriendly and realistic
-Fix Outside to inside hole
-Fix Taillight Coronas
-Fix Head stick into the top
-Prepared the Update for a Convertible version
-Add better Chrome for all tuning parts
-Fix some Bugs of the lowrider version

Known Bugs:
-RPM on dials dont work (unfixable :-0)
-Little bug on broken windows (unfixable unless i will remove the Window UP/Down feature)
-Tuning parts was downgraded because the there is no way to increase the tuning parts limit.
-R* downgraded the EmissiveMultiplier effect since the BikerDLC, only my temporary fix helps a little bit
-UVW map for the liverys is not really correct
-Benny upgrade tuning options is missing.Important edit is there, but don't work for a unknown reason
-Livery custom names don't work
-Activated rear indicator coronas don't move with trunk. (Unfixable because missing indicator2 or indicator_m
-Windowed hood don't open

if there is more, let me know :)

To Do List:
-Fix all important bugs to make the Convertible version
-Make a Convertible version (You have to wait for the final version of the base hard top model)
-Improve the main model quality from Forza Horizon 3 64 Impala model
-Add second or third car model to make all other liverys and bobbles to work in the same game session
-Make a drag version of for the stock version (Maybe after convertible version)

I hope you like it, Don't forget to rate
Give me feedback please to make the mod better! Or make a Video of it to Support Me
Thank you







First Uploaded: October 17, 2015
Last Updated: February 18, 2017
Last Downloaded: 15 minutes ago

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  • C8cc77 project1.13
    Pinned Comment

    Can someone open a lowrider server on FiveReborn or GTA:Orange aka MultiV with my impala installed?

    February 19, 2017
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    I know I have over 200 addons and that's because of the zplane and zbike having 100 vehicles in them.

    April 19, 2017
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Hades v Rekoilz Make sure that the id isn't in used

    April 20, 2017
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    what id were you going to suggest?

    April 20, 2017
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    @MrGTAmodsgerman okay so I checked literally every single carcols and carvariations files and cannot find your modkit id value in any of them and the car still acting strange. could you please send me your id value and hopefully it works

    9 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Hades v Rekoilz The id i have is that you have from the download. Try other gameconfigs or try to run the dlc without your other 200 dls. Otherwise contact kizacudo about your game configuration, he can help with that

    9 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    Hi @MrGTAmodsgerman, I have the same problem as the guy above. My Impala has that weird purple and green livery and no tuning parts. I disabled several addons but it's still broken. Could you take a look at it, please?

    7 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @iSaint9 I can not take a look at your game. And before i can help you with anything, first i need information about your game! How many addons? Which gameconfig? Alternative liverys installed? If yes, which one? Which game version?

    7 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    I'll try to get the exact info tomorrow when I get to my PC, but this is all I remember:
    Addons: 4-5 (without the disabled ones). 2 of them aren't car mods, the rest aren't car packs.
    Gameconfig: I believe it's the one included on your mod.
    Alt. liveries: 3rd pack
    Game version: the previous to the last one (the first one after Cunning Stunts: Special Races)

    7 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    Okay @MrGTAmodsgerman, I think I located the conflicting mod. My Lowrider Impala is back to normal. Thank you for the awesome mod. :)

    6 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @iSaint9 Thank you, and what was the problem exactly?

    5 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    @MrGTAmodsgerman I believe there was a conflict with a Liberty Walk 488 mod I had, which apparently included more than one car. I enabled every mod I had previously except that one and the Lowrider Impala was still okay.

    5 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @iSaint9 What about the stock version, does it still work?

    5 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    @MrGTAmodsgerman It always worked fine for me.

    5 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @iSaint9 Ok :)

    4 days ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Hades v Rekoilz Read the new comments by ISaint9

    4 days ago
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    @iSaint9 what do you mean more than one car? like a pack or something? ive installed your recommended gameconfig and the 3rd livery and even deleted some addons. its still bugged.

    3 days ago
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    so I have to just disable all my addons and than narrow down the list?

    3 days ago
  • 32b5ae u4ijdrr

    @Hades v Rekoilz Yes. That's what I did. I believe the conflicting mod was this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2009-ferrari-458-italia-liberty-walk-hq. You can just disable certain modpacks by putting "<!--" (w/o the quotes) before the Item tag and "-->" at the end, so it should look like this:

    <!-- <Item>dlcpacks:\testdlc\</Item> -->

    When you're done testing, you can remove the comment indicators. If you need any help, just ask me.

    3 days ago
  • Ec4ec3 imagesom1xsq33

    @MrGTAmodsgerman I got the car to work and I am loving everything about it. so far my favourite part is the engraved bumpers and the daytons, thanks mrGTA and @iSaint9 for helping me

    1 day ago
  • C8cc77 project1.13

    @Hades v Rekoilz No problem :) Good to hear that you love it :D It was alot of work

    1 day ago
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