Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] 1.8


Lamborghini Diablo GTR
60+ Tuning parts, Template
Add-on version only

Pop-up headlights/Non pop-up headlights
Hands on steering wheel,
Breakable glass,
Working dials,
Scissor doors,
Extra lights.

Models from Dmi-3d.net, Gamemodels.ru, Driver:SF. Some parts modeled by me.

Diablo GTR/GT/GT2/SV/SVR/VT/VT 6.0/SE30/SE30 Jota Tuning parts, Change headlights to pop-up / non pop-up, Optionable black tinted rear lights. classic rear lights, custom "Mohawk" boot, Miura-like boot, Flat hood, custom vented hood. Change emblems/grill to VT/GT/SV/SVR/SE30, Two types of reversing lights - right side only (like Diablo GT) or on both sides (VT 6.0), VT/VT 6.0/SV/SE30/GT2/GT2 1998/GT1 Le Mans front bumpers (versions with splitters too). VT 6.0/SV/GT/GTR Spoilers. VT 6.0/SV/SVR/GT exhausts.
SV/VT/GTR/GT/SE30/SE30 Jota boot (some with optional emblem on rear window). Change fuel cover position. OZ Racing exhaust, custom spoiler with Agip sticker & more!

5 livery - SV/Custom Red Dragon/Italy Race Stripes/Black Stripes/GT2 Pirelli stickers.

Use modified gameconfig.xml to if your game crash while loading story mode!
Gameconfig by Game68240

Keep in mind:
Headlights/fenders mods you'll find in skirts mods,
Boot modifications in rear bumper mods,
Rear bumper mods in exhaust mods
Rear lights mods in chassis mods,
Grill mods - see back of Diablo.
Misc elements like fuel cover - roof mods.

Also you need to know:
Pop-Up headlights are stock now. Only this way we can have Pop-ups / Non pop-ups in one car. One of my goals is to mix 8 different Diablo models in one (GTR/GT/GT2/SV/SVR/VT/VT6.0/SE30 Jota), headlights change makes project one step closer to being complete.

You'll need trainer to get access to all tuning parts, theres too many of them and some doesnt appear in modshop (for ex. VT sharp-edged spoiler, VT2k grill, SE30 Front Bumper with splitter, SE30 boot and grill)

What's not working:
Lights doesn't crack (cost of tuning parts),
No dirtmap yet,
Template not perfect,
No stock wheels yet (Wangan Masters from game atm),
Minor bugs.

Installation instruction included inside package

Spawn by name: 500gtrlam

Thx to Kizacudo for some screenshots, excellent interior shot.

V 1.0 - Diablo GTR finally released.
V 1.1b/c - Bigger and slightly wider rear wheels (thx to saurion), calipers no longer behind brake disk.
V 1.2 - 4 New Tuning Parts! Diablo SVR rear bumper (recently modeled by me) / SVR Grill / Classic rear lights / Custom Lamborghini logo grill. Handling adjustments, some minor fix.
V 1.3 - Pop-up / Non Pop-Up headlights in one car! Switch between them under skirts modifications!
V 1.4 - VT 6.0 Front Bumper! Rare thing, had to make this one myself. Also New custom rear lights. Minor fixes.
V 1.5 - SE30 / SE30 Jota tuning parts! We have another portion of rare Diablo kits. SE30 boot/front bumper/grill/hood. More minor fixing and adjusting.
V 1.5a - SE30 Jota boot added. And now we have SE30 and SE30 Jota parts. The only visual difference between these models is boot, Jota boot is based on SV.
V 1.6 - New tuning parts - GT2/GT2 1998 front bumpers, clean fenders (like Diablo VT 6.0, GT2). Now we can even change fuel cover position (in roof mods). New livery - Pirelli stickers for GT2. Some minor changes.
V 1.7 - More tuning parts - GT1 Le Mans front bumper, OZ Racing exhaust, new custom spoiler, rear grill without logos, new cutom hood + GTR hood without logo to use with GT1/SE30 front bumer. "Shark gills" changed to extra part. Some more minor changes like better rear lights reflections, updated template.
V 1.8 - More tuning parts - JGT1 front bumper, new fenders, new hood, some custom rear lights. Few minor changes.
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