1912 RMS Titanic [Add-On] 7. Exterior Lights


.:RMS Titanic:.
>Converted to Grand Theft auto V,by: KAFAROS
>Handling and Add-On, by: FoxtrotDelta
>Working funnels script, by: CamxxCore
>Screenshots by MkElite and V4D3R
>Titanic 3D model ,by: Kyle Hudak

If you want, you can help Kyle Hudak and his team with the amazing game "Titanic: Honor and Glory"
Here you can visit World famous Ship: RMS Titanic. The ship will be the most detailed ship model ever created in the history of gaming.
>"Titanic: Honor and Glory" website: http://www.titanichg.com/
>"Titanic: Honor and Glory" FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TitanicHonorandGlory/?fref=ts
From author:
I'm a huge fan of Titanic, since my childhood i wanted to visit this majestic ship
and now it's possible not only for me but for everybody (again BIG thanks to Kyle Hudak for his fantastic 3D model).
Converting this ship to Grand Theft Auto gave me some problems but now is time to leave the docks and begin maiden voyage.
I hope that you like it :)
Please feel free to comment.

7.0 >> Working Exterior Lights.

5.0 >> Added enter method: "How to enter.png"

4.0 >> Fixed some collisions and bugs with model

1.0 >> First release


This is huge mod, so I'll give you advice: install it on good PC

1. Copy folder "titanic2" to GTA5\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

2. Go to GTA5\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and extract "dlclist.xml",then edit with notepad:

paste this line:

>>Save and replace "dlclist.xml"

4. Close OpenIV and run GTA5

5. Use trainer with "spawn by name" function (I recommend Menyoo: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp ) and type "titanic2".
> You can turn on/off light via enabling/disabling "Extra 1" using Menyoo trainer

>Use Menyoo to teleport into Titanic (instruction on 12 picture "How to Enter")

>If titanic starts "dancing" please change for few seconds camera to first person view or use "Airbreak" to reset ship position.

6. Working Funnels-You will need ScripthHokV as well as ScriptHookVdotnet:
> Once you have that, just drag the "TitanicFunnels.cs" file into a "scripts" folder in your base GTAV directory.

> For the funnel script to work correctly, you may have to spawn the ship with menyoo.

>If you sprawned second Titanic and Funnels don't work-reload the scripts with the insert key and funnels start work :)

Please do not reupload on other websites without my permission ;)

If you can, Please help me :)
I will be grateful :D

You want own car in GTAV? Please write to me ;)
If you want more vehicles
(normal vehicles and crazy vehicles)-Please donate my PayPal ( lukaszkawczynski01@gmail.com ) :)
Zmodeler costs $4.50/month
Tell me if you Donate-I add you on my list: "Thanks List" :)
And I send a gift for person who give me donation :D

>My e-mail: kafarosmods@gmail.com
>My PayPal e-mail: lukaszkawczynski01@gmail.com
>My Patreon profile: https://www.patreon.com/KAFAROS
>My FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/kafarosmods/

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