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This mod is now nothing rockstar ruined it with their new update the only use of this mod is now simply that you are able to save unstorable weapons in your inventory by spawning them that's it no longer buy more weapons it's just store more weapons.

Buy more weapons Though some aren't weapons so like buy more stuff.

Okay so I realized that there is a fire extinguisher that is unobtainable unless you use mods now with this mod you can either buy the fire extinguisher from ammunation or get it from killing a fireman.
There was also a digiscanner and bz gas that were only made for a mission now with this mod you can buy it from ammunation and store it in your weapon wheel.
Also there is a molotov,bat,golf club,crowbar weren't in ammunation but were available in the game this mod makes you able to buy them.
As I said briefcases coming soon but they are not available at ammunation because they are not weapons BUT you can spawn them using a trainer spawn weapon by model name WEAPON_BRIEFCASE for the metal and WEAPON_BRIEFCASE_02 I've made them storable in inventory.
And a remote sniper which is mission exclusive now available at ammunation.

Features of the mod:
Adds the Fire Extinguisher,Molotov,BZ Gas,Digiscanner,Bat,Golf Club,Crowbar and Remote Sniper to ammunation.
Digiscanner can now be used as melee.
Amount of people you killed with BZ Gas,Digiscanner and Remote Sniper is shown in the stats along with other weapons.
You can get briefcases by spawning by model name WEAPON_BRIEFCASE for metal and WEAPON_BRIEFCASE_02 for leather they are storable in inventory.
Remote Sniper is now usable but not remotely controlled it's like heavy sniper but a much more powerful version it has the same icon of heavy sniper on the weapon wheel.

Installation is included in the mod.


Added Fire Extinguisher and Molotov to ammunation.

Added BZ Gas to ammunation.

Added Digiscanner to ammunation.

Added Bat,Golf club and Crowbar to ammunation.

Added Metal Briefcase and Leather Briefcase and made Digiscanner usable as a melee.

Added Remote Sniper though it's not remotely controlled BUT it has a icon on weapon wheel and has the same power of the remote sniper that you use on the mission caida libre it can destroy a car with 2 or 3 hits.
Added a compatible version of my improved gameplay 1.2 mod.
Added a custom version of this mod I use.

1.6:When this mod reach 150 likes
Added Flare,Ball,Metal and Leather Briefcases to ammunation and made metal and leather briefcases usable as melee.

2.0:I am not a scripter so might not happen
Instead of ammunation your boy Claude_III will sell some weapons that are on ammunation and instead I will remove those specific weapons from ammunation and sell them to you to avoid running out of space on ammunation and what I exactly mean is mp _m_claude_01 will be spawned with a van selling them weapons.

?.?:Soon if possible
Add all dlc weapons.

Leave a like and rate 5 stars for my work if you enjoyed the mod.

When I upload a new version it is pending approval so if you see something I said here wrong because I change the description while the mod's new version approves. And also I was lazy to take screenshots of the new version so just imagine a heavy sniper called remote sniper with a description of (Remote controlled sniper system).

After a lot of editing,modifying and GAME CRASHING it's safe to say that online weapons are only going to be added to single player if there is a script editor (A .ysc editor) Question Why? Because I was trying to use old or outdated scripts from the update.rpf that was the first since gta 5 came out on pc they crash because obviously they're outdated and old and are meant to be for the old version for the game :D let's hope soon we get script editor or .ysc editor.

Random comments

If GTA Online is a separate game than what would GTA 6 online would be called GTA Online 2?

I would love Grand Theft Auto V:The Lost And Damned we wanna know what happened to Johnny before he got killed by Trevor continue the story of him and at the end we lose Johnny instead we get introduced to a new character from them lost gang in fact that way bikers dlc from multiplayer will be shared for V:TLAD

Rockstar left so many beta leftovers that I just wanna say ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS USE THE DAMN UNUSED CONTENT ROCKSTAR.

That moment when you realize that Claude and Misty from 3D universe are available as parents in gta online the so called HD universe.

If Rockstar makes a story mode dlc they will definitely use all of their unused content because they will be like wait we already have these why not use them? :D
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