Real Immersive Gun Sounds 1.2 [SP/ FiveM] 1.3 SP & FiveM



this is a sound mod that replaces the vanilla guns and sirens to a more realistic sound.
this will make your shooting experience way better!


how to install:
download my mod
open the folder
click into the Real Emersive Sounds folder.
go to your gtaV main directory click x64, audio, sfx. drag and drop the WEAPONS_PLAYER and RESIDENT into the sfx folder.

And Enjoy!

Bugs and features
No Current bugs!

Do not reupload anything without my permission.


Update 1.1
-Fixed the issue where some weapons wouldn't shoot in Single Player

-Added a automatic installer for Single Player

-Fixed the audio cut-out on the heavy sniper

-Added a new sound for all Shotguns

-FiveM install and Single Single Player install is now no longer in 1 file
Update 1.2

-Overhauled/improved all the weapon sounds

-Added new sounds for the RPG and the Grenade Launched

-Added new reloading sounds

-Added new explosion sounds

-Added new sirens for police cars, ambulance cars, firetrucks etc

-Bug Fixes

-And alot more improvements
Update 1.2.1

-fixed issue where some weapons in single player would not shoot

-added a new distant sound for the pistols.

Update 1.2.2

-A fix to the issue that alot of people had with the carbine where it would not shoot hopefully i have fixed it. i have not tested it so please give feedback

-Published all the versions of this mod just incase this new update has any issues so you could use a old one that works if this new one doesnt

Update 1.2.3

i tried to fix the carbine issue alot of people have had

seeing alot of people having issues with the carbine rifle not shooting in single player personally i dont have this issue but i think i might have fixed it try manually intall
and see if that works if not try easy install method and see if that works<
Update 1.3

-Updated the pistol sounds to a brand new one.

-Updated the Combat Pistol to a brand new sound.

-Updated the Pistol.50 sounds to a more kicky sound.

-Updated some shotgun sounds.
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First Uploaded: May 14, 2023
Last Updated: April 28, 2024
Last Downloaded: 8 minutes ago

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 1.3 SP & FiveM (current)

6,521 downloads , 124 MB
April 28, 2024

 1.2.3 SP & FiveM

4,582 downloads , 123 MB
March 10, 2024


5,375 downloads , 37.2 MB
January 12, 2024

 1.2 (SP)

2,167 downloads , 37 MB
September 10, 2023

 1.2 (FiveM)

1,454 downloads , 97.2 MB
September 10, 2023


1,833 downloads , 98.9 MB
May 14, 2023