Weapon FX [.OIV] v1.3

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Realistic effects are back and better than ever!

The main purpose of Weapon FX is to enhance GTA 5's gun effects and handling. All guns have been changed. Effects have been made to be as realistic as possible within the limitations of GTA V.

Optional Files:
  • Fine Tuned Felony & Response compatibility
  • Car Penetration 2.0
  • Pickups Lite

    New Variations:
  • Weapon FX with Tracers
  • Weapon FX Effects Only
  • Weapon FX for AR Sound 2
  • Weapon FX No Reticle
  • Weapon FX No Reticle with Tracers

    Future Plans:
  • Vehicle weapon overhaul
  • Uninstall packages for everything
  • More optional files (please give suggestions)

    Please post any suggestions or complaints on the forum page or in the comments. I'm looking for people that can make good videos or take nice screenshots. If you're interested please message me on the forums.

  • MvcGyver for helping out with the earlier versions
  • The_XXI for the FTFR weapon metadata files
  • Derrysan360 for .gfx files used to disable hitmarkers

    Compatible Mods:
    Realistic Weapon Sounds
    Fine-Tuned Felony & Response


    First release

    Added RSE Realistic 3.7 compatibility as an optional file

    Redid entire mod
    Reworked force, penetration and damage (force has been tailored for use with a euphoria mod)
    Added OIV installation packages
    New cinematic muzzle effects instead of realistic effects
    Added and removed optional files
    Modified sounds to be fully compatible with Realistic Weapon Sounds

    Updated the changelog in the file since caliber descriptions were inaccurate

    Updated for v1604
    Sounds updated for Realistic Weapon Sounds 4.2 (now compatible w/ default game sounds)
    Uninstall package now included (only for default version)
    Added new variations:
    - Weapon FX with Tracers
    - Weapon FX Effects Only
    - Weapon FX for AR Sound 2
    - Weapon FX No Reticle
    - Weapon FX No Reticle with Tracers
    Added Pickups Lite optional file
    Penetration redone and now optional file
    Force greatly decreased to make Euphoria more evident
    Shotgun damage slightly increased
    Bullet spread tripled for added difficulty when spraying
    Force for ray pistol increased
    Force for ray rifle and ray minigun greatly decreased
    Damage for ray rifle and ray minigun increased

    Read the full changelog in the file for an in-depth list of what has been changed.


    Do not re-upload or distribute this file to anyone or anywhere. If you plan to upload a modified version of these files please ask for permission. If you use this mod in a video please include a link somewhere (I don't really care where, just have it there). This mod is exclusive to gta5-mods.com
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    First Uploaded: August 14, 2018
    Last Updated: January 26, 2019
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