Weapon Sound Pack [SP/ FiveM] 0.6


Includes the following.
Realistic pistol sound which you can choose from.
Assault rifle sound.
Shotgun sound.
Distant sounds.

What does variety 1,2,3,4 mean?

The only difference is the pistol sounds I did this so more people can choose from for example if you don't like variety 1 u can install variety 2 or the rest I hope it makes sense that also means that the AR and the Shotgun stay the same in all ''versions'' just the pistols change. If you still don't understand write me on discord but it isn't that complicated.

Installation guide. https://youtu.be/5FCyVBrPgzo

Showcase https://youtu.be/rIUPbt9X-04

How to install for FiveM?
Go to x64>audio>sfx. Not ur mods folder!!

There u drop the WEAPONS_PLAYER.RPF I provided.

If u run into an issue where it says modified bla bla bla then install archive fix here. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/35447-archivefix-openiv-setup-and-encryption/

If u have no idea how to use archive fix it's very simple just drag and drop the weapons_player.rpf into the exe file.

If u are still having issues write me on discord.


Replacement for Combat Pistol

Replacement for Pistol

Replacement for Carbine Rifle

Replacement for Pump Shotgun

Added in 0.2 - Added a better and realistic sound from a further distance for VARIETY 1,2
Added a manual installation.

Added in 0.3 - Added a better and realistic sound from further distance for VARIETY 3

Added in 0.4 - Uninstall option. FiveM option.

Added in 0.5 - Added VARIETY 4

Added in 0.6 - Added a new Carbine Rifle sound and replaced the old one.
New OIV Files
Made some audio adjustments to limit the weapons.awc size
Removed manually installing the pack option.
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