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Hi, hello! I don't know English, the following is the use of Google mechanical translation. This is my first map mod. Although it has been revised several times, it is still my first and the only map MOD.

This map MOD consumes a lot of my spare time and spirit to make, the process time of learning to make maps and making maps before and after, it took me about a year to a year and a half, if you used this I made this Map to go to the video, please share your video link with me, thank you!

This map was an external expansion of Franklin's safe house, using more than 5,000 objects to create this map. Most of the major expansion facilities are hidden underground. There are about 50 vehicles for landing, sea and air, which are divided into two parts: "map designated vehicles" and "vehicle customization".

I feel that if you want to freely store your vehicle, you can choose "Vehicle Customization".

In addition to boats and submarines, "vehicle customization" can be customized. (I don't know why, the sea vessel can't be the same as the sea uploader in the original game, and the fixed position can still drive, so I can only use the map to produce a fixed effect.)
It offers many facilities in the Franklin Safe House:

Facilities No. 0: 4 aprons on the roof, the number of vehicles is 4

Facilities No. 1: private club, two vaults, 12 bedroom, small living room, prison, command center, three conference rooms, arms factory, arsenal, drug factory and drug warehouse, garage, store and warehouse, shooting range ( The shooting range has a mysterious western movie egg, plus the oriental movie egg in the previous meeting room. I used the GTA5 to come in handy objects and made two eggs.)

The number of vehicles in the No. 1 facility is: 3 (the quantity is active. In fact, there are more vehicles that can be stored here, as long as your computer can still run, you can also put more money.)

Facilities 2: locomotive garage. The number of vehicles stored is: 8 (fixed quantity)

Facilities 3: Supercar garage. The number of vehicles stored is: 9 (fixed quantity)

4th facility: Armed car garage. The number of vehicles stored is: 9 (fixed quantity)

Facilities No. 5: Helicopter hangar. The number of vehicles stored is: 7 (fixed quantity)

Installation No. 6: Aircraft hangar. The number of vehicles stored is: 4 (fixed quantity)

Facilities No. 7: underground runway and waiting room. The number of vehicles stored is: 0 (here is only the external passage of the No. 6 facility, so there is no vehicle.)

Facilities No. 8: Terminal. The number of vehicles stored is: 4 (the map specifies the vehicle and the number. I have deleted the seaplane part, its fixed structure is very ugly, plus this revision is done well, and too many objects are used, so I can only suffer Deleted. Also added to the Alamo Sea. Helicopter transfer point with the open sea...)

Facility 9: A hidden underwater escape exit. It was hidden somewhere in the No. 1 facility, which was inconspicuous and not easy to be found. I won’t say it wherever I left it, and I will leave it to you to find it.
Pre-operation requirements:
Map Editor: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor
Map Builder Community: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder

The "Vehicle Customization" version also requires:
Vehicles Persistence: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vehicleskeeperv



Afterdecompressing , There are two main files, Extract "mods" from "ymap" to the game directory. Ps: The ymap composition in the two versions is different. Don't be mistaken.

If you do not have Map Builder Community SP installed, please go to the installation first, otherwise you will lose the airstrip and some vehicle entrances and exits in the map. The selection of this map is a new and old version of the common material, the mapbuilder of the new and old Map Builder Community SP can be used.

If Vehicles Persistence is not installed, there will be no vehicles other than the No. 8 facility, nor can you freely customize the vehicle, and you will not be able to keep your favorite vehicles in the bunker.

Extract your game's update.rpf and put it in mods \update.

Open OpenIV and follow the path: mods\update\update.rpf\ common\ data

Open the dlclist.xml file and add the following line of text:

dlcpacks: Item>\ custom_maps \ Item>

After installing the map editor, From the map editor file, select the file you like. files thrown into the game directory to open the game.

Enter the game, open the Map Editor, and click Load Map in the XML options

Since ymap doesn't seem to support the conversion of vehicles, people, and transfer points, I split the map into two parts. Therefore, the map of ymap and map editor, which lacks one of them, will lead to incomplete maps, so pay special attention to this when installing.

It has F-35, F-22, M1A2 and Apache. Hummer with military parts on it.
By Replaced Hydra P-996, Rhino, HVY Insurgent, Savage helicopters , and you will become a formal US vehicle equipment.

You will find it here:

You can get wanted at the Franklin mansion .

It is known that the bug cannot be solved:
- In some areas of the night, the lights will be unstable at certain angles.
- "Map designated vehicle" version, the locomotive will deviate from the original parking position and angle.
- "Vehicle Customization" version, when converting at the transfer point, the map group of ymap may be converted because it cannot catch up with the transfer point, causing ymap to drop the map or Map Editor to drop the map.

It is recommended to pause for a second at the transfer point and wait for the game to read the map before moving.
- Produced two optional versions of "Map Designated Vehicle" and "Vehicle Customization"
- Use the Map Builder Community to provide more and better materials and ymap to break the map's upper limit and rework the entire map.
- Renovated garage and hangar, garage and hangar interior. No longer empty. Nothing.
- Add a prison.
- Increase night lights.

The other parts are waiting for you to download and experience.

This is just a map on the imitation line, but it won't give you a bunch of tasks to solve, just like online, although I have thought about going to the task. But in fact, I don't have more time to learn and make, so I gave up...

If you want to use this map, go to the idea of making a mission. Well, you don't have to go through my consent, because I already agree that you can do that.

In addition, the pattern is very compact, it is recommended that people with poor driving skills or change the vehicle into an invincible state.

If you want to challenge driving skills, then you can ignore the small advice I gave.

Also, if you don't like my design on the roof. You can use OpenIV to remove the file I made EX1.ymap. If you don't know the path, please use OpenIV's search engine to find it. This is a good search because the entire gta5 can no longer find a second file with the same name.

Although it can remove the map on the roof, it can't change the characters, vehicle settings, characters, and vehicle settings on the roof. It can only be modified through the map editor.
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