Road Work (+ Animations) v1.9 FINAL


Roads in real life aren't always perfect so I thought I'd cause some mayhem to the AI of Los Santos. Leave suggestions on where you want the next work site to be.

If you want me to work ever harder or want custom construction vehicles you can always donate.

Watch my video on a more detailed view of what I included.

Locations included in download.


Put "road work.xml" in your GTA directory.

Download the newest version of Map Editor by Guadmaz.


Install map editor.

When you get it working, go to "load map"

Type in "road work"

OR you can create a folder called "AutoloadMaps" in your scripts folder in your GTA 5 directory. Put road work.xml in AutoloadMaps and when you start your game it should load in.

When you go to the area it should load in.

Tip: Don't be near the work area when you load in the map. Cars may be in the spawn area and screw everything up.


1.0: release

1.1: added signs approaching work site; removed cones and added barrels.
cars now merge smoother.

1.2: added new work site on the older style bridge over the port area.

1.3: added new work site in Sandy Shores.

1.4 replaced work site in Sandy Shores with a better one along the road. It looks better and takes up about 60 less props.

1.5 added new work site in Paleto Bay. There is an issue of bikers crashing into the barrels and getting thrown off. There's nothing I can do about it.

1.6 added props and vehicles to an in-game work site along the highway that is under another freeway.

1.7 fixed pipe trailer bug

1.8: added bridge under construction next to the Fort Zanudo bridge

1.9: added animations to peds at the Sandy Shores worksite and the highway work site
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