Customizable Party Yacht [Menyoo]


Requires Menyoo PC [SP]: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp

This map was originally a rough draft of what yachts can look like in Menyoo. Now that a full custom Yacht Builder has been added to Menyoo, I've repurposed this into an add-on map that will spawn all sorts of details from the single player and Heist yachts and add them to your custom yacht.

How to use:
1. Move the enclosed .xml files to the Spooner folder in the MenyooStuff directory.
2. Start the game, open Menyoo, and go to Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files
3. Select the location you want (e.g. "Party Yacht (Trashed) - Pacific Bluffs 1") and Load Placements.
4. Go to Teleports > Yachts and build a custom yacht in that location (e.g. select Pacific Bluffs, then Position 1).

You'll be teleported to your customized yacht plus all the fun extra stuff.

(you can load the map after teleporting but it will make your yacht default back to the default paint job)

- added 4 more locations
- added "Clean" variant for each location without the party detritus, overturned furniture, stains, etc. Lower deck furniture is placed in the same location it is on the Heist yacht. The original layout is now labelled "Trashed."

- added 4 new locations
- "Piano lounge" interior from Heist yacht accessible via teleports at the entrance.
- "Dignity" nameplate and additional metal detailing on the back of the yacht
- middle deck furniture layout copied from Max Payne 3 (the template for all the GTA V yachts if you didn't know)

- fully featured bar and covered banquet tables on the upper deck
- detailed dirt and grime on the hull
- water stains and footprints around the lower deck
- a "trashed" lower deck with overturned furniture, clothes and food strewn about as if a wild party happened the night before (or is currently going on). This is all taken directly from the single player yacht model used in the story mission "Daddy's Little Girl."
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