EMS Medical Props 2.0


EMS Medical Props GTAV

These Props are replacement and have been tested in Fivem and Single Player.

you can support me on my patreon and get access to exclusive mods, discord perks, beta testing models, and support and install assistance. www.patreon.com/candimods

> you will need to rename these files to whatever you want textures are embedded. prop_ld_bingbag_03 and prop_ld_bingbag_04 to a comparable replacement a list is below

in simple trainer you can spawn the objects and attach them to the player, adjust the position, and attach to the player bone, palm, hand_L, body, or arm [as pictured in my screenshots], use trainer to save this setting. later use for easy equip. as you step out the ambulance you can equip the gear, and then drop it on scene. don't enter the ambulance with the gear on.

You can also use a comparable script that will allow you to spawn and use these props in various scenarios.

You can also use ymap or menyoo to setup these items for a roleplay scenario, save your settings them reload the props for your roleplay scenarios

Although the files are locked you can edit the textures, use texture edit tool. All of the textures are embedded some do also require an accompanying ytd

1. Stretcher (low poly stretcher) >> prop_ld_binbag_01
I know you want a stryker but is just too high poly for a prop.
[Two Versions one with Cols and One without]
Note: this replaces the garbage bag

2. Stair chair By InfiniteTheDev Name: prop_ld_bingbag_03 > you can rename this file to whatever you want textures are embedded.
[Two Versions one with Cols and One without]
you must rename this file to comparable replacement

3. Folded Stair chair By InfiniteTheDev Name: prop_ld_bingbag_04 w/ Col
you must rename this file to comparable replacement

4. LifePack15 ALS Cardiac Monitor w/ Col >> prop_ld_case_01

5. ALS Paramedic Bag w/ Col >> Spawn Name: prop_cs_shopping_bag

6. BLS Trauma Bag w/ Col >> Spawn Name: p_ld_heist_bag_01
This is the heist bag from SP DLC Mission

some updates for future: add backboard, Reeves, jaws of life, fire/rescue tools, etc

To install>>

this is a list of available props, its a short list as there are more, but you can use any of these props for replacements, if the ones included are conflicting with another mod, like the garbage truck mod


install Fivem: Drop into your carmods folder as they are replacements, then spawn with simple trainer object spawner and or use a comparable fivem script. join my server for support and special requests. My discord https://discord.gg/UbKfydY

install single player>>
using open IV > edit mode >> mods folder


Put contents here

use spawn codes to spawn objects, follow the instructions in this mod on how to use the trainer to spawn objects.

Credits and Contributors

Veteran Mods
Modern Life Roleplay
South Coast Roleplay
Southern Valley RP
Kuffs Roleplay
J. Richard
J. Walker

med equip from MP Doomsday DLC R*
medtronic lifepak15 by cheese
Stair chair By InfiniteTheDev

Honorable Mentions
Thanks to all in my Server who beta tested this mod
TaCo for single player install assistance
CandiMods Server staff

Fivem Scripts::


You must edit the coords for the new stretcher I have spoken with the author to include the new files in the mod this may take time to happen.

For special requests, report bugs, and get support on
My discord https://discord.gg/UbKfydY

Terms of use
Script Developers can repackage the contents of this mod and include it in their own mod, however they may not get regular updates, they can also link to this download as well. Please Credit me where appropriate.
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