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The gore in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty weak even by Rockstar Games standards. The gore could of been toned down due to the limitations of the last gen consoles or because using extreme gore could of lead to pissed off parents. I, like many people didn't like how the gore looked low res or boring so I decided to make a new mod that improves the gunshot wounds, cuts, splatter, and blood soak.

You will need OpenIV to install this mod:

Installation paths are in the install folder.

Version 1.0 notes:
Smaller wounds on the torso, legs, and arms.
Splatter on Wounds are a bit bigger.
Soakage on wounds are larger.
Stab wounds are much larger and they
soak skin.
Shotgun wounds are spread out.
Explosions that are very close to the player will give the player realistic looking
cuts and broken skin.
Headshots will have bigger wounds.

Version 1.1 notes:
Wound color now has a tiny bit of lightened red.
Blood soak is a tiny bit bigger.

Version 1.2 notes:
Bloodfx.dat file added, file taken from the X360 edition.
Punching/meleeing people can wound marks on peds.
Less reflection to gunshot wounds.
Blood soak varies a lot more.
Blood can sometimes take a long time to soak the injured ped.
Blood color is darkened a little bit, not too noticeable.
More features added.

Version 1.2.1 notes:
Files now have their own folders and installation.txt files in the rar file.
More blood is splattered when you shoot someone anywhere, head shots with a rifle sniper can leave huge splatters of blood.

Version 1.3 notes:
Added new file called peddamagedecals.fxd
New textures for wounds and cuts.
New textures for soak.
Better soak color.
Better blood effects.
More features added.

Version 1.4 notes:
More splatter added to wounds.
Darker blood soak color.
Blood effects improved on even more.
Bigger headshot wounds.
Wounds have more varying sizes.
Only baseball bat attacks cause blood wounds. Punching people doesn't leave blood anymore.
Cut wounds are up and working again.
Blood soak is a bit bigger.
Older versions folder added so people can use olders versions of the mod.

Version 1.5 notes:
Thanks to kaai210, hitting people with a bat will cause bruises.
New file damages.meta.
Added compatibility pack for Blood and Decals diversity.
Wounds are made a tiny bit bigger.
Hitting people with baseball bat no longer causes blood wounds.
Bigger blood splatter textures.
Blood soak texture made darker.
New folder for bright red blood soak.
New folder for bright red blood soak and smaller wounds.
New folder for dark red blood soak and smaller wounds.
More features added.

Version 1.6 notes:
More blood textures have been modified, including a jump in resolution too.
New file added Fxdecal.ytd.
New file also added Decals.dat
Distance of wounds have been greatly improved so now when you snipe someone, you can see the wound from a distance.
Blood pools have been modified, way better looking than the original textures.
Blood splatter and mist textures have been improved a lot more, including a jump in resolution.
Damages.dat file fixed. For the damages.dat file for the naturalmotion rdr/mp3 mod, go into the optional features folder.
Darker blood soak for better realism, remember blood doesn't look like ketchup!
Bruise textures have been bumped up to 4096x1024.
Small bug fixes.
Even more features added.

Version 1.7 notes:
Distance of wounds are increased.
Improved blood pools.
Improved blood splatter, more realistic.
Blood splattered on car window texture improved.
Bullet holes are improved.
Bigger blood splatter texture.
Smaller wounds.
Small fixes.
More features added.

Version 1.8 notes:
New texture for blood wound splatter.
New texture for wound, now it looks like an actual bullet hole.
Blood splatter textures have been adjusted to look less shitty.
Cuts have been improved.
Bigger blood leaking.
Smaller wounds.
Smaller gunshot splatter on pistols, smgs, and rifles.
Bigger gunshot splatter for shotguns.
Sniper exit wounds are much larger and more nasty looking.
Headshot gore has been adjusted.
Small bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 1.8.1 notes:
Easier installation path.
Installation paths are now linked to the Grand Theft Auto V folder.

Version 1.9 notes:
Wounds bump texture lessened for better looking wounds.
Blood soak color darkened.
More blood splatter around shotgun wounds. (See for yourself)
Shooting pedestrians with any gun while they are standing and alive will now cause them to bleed downwards. (See for yourself)
Hospital wounds are a little bit more noticeable.
Burnt ped textures are bigger and made a lot more noticeable to give the look of actual burnt clothes and skin.
Blood splatter textures changed once again back to the orginal blood splatter but improved and higher resolution.
Blood pools changed and given more variety.
Blood squirt has been changed partially.
Compatibility for blood and decals variety and older version folders have been removed for now.
Bug fixes.
More features have been added or adjusted.

Version 1.9.1 notes:
Test files for bloodfx and decals.dat were uploaded in 1.9, I removed them and replaced them with the rightful files.
Another folder has been removed.

Version 2.0 notes:
Blood has been downgraded to 2k for better compatibility and frame rate.
Soak color made bright red just a tiny bit.
Distance of wounds has been increased for better experience.
More wounds on Player and Pedestrians.
Splatter has been once again tinkered with.
Decals.dat file look at again to solve random big ugly blood splatter textures that occur on walls.
Blood splatter has been changed for a more Red Dead Redemption esque blood splatter.
Exit wounds have been made bloodier for a more realistic feel.
Blood color has been might a bit more bright red.
Bloodfx file has been tinker with a tiny bit.
More texture variety with blood splatter.
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Version 2.0.1 notes:
More folders added so that when installing the mod, original game leftovers are not there.

Version 2.1 notes:
Blood textures updated, back up to 4k and newly improved.
Blood splatter textures finally have bump maps.
Blood pools have bump maps too.
Basic wounds are a little smaller.
Blood textures made bigger through decals.dat
Blood squirt effect for entry wound has been changed to knife slash.
Wood pistol hit textures changed, made more realistic.
Grass pistol hit textures changed, made more realistic.
Other environmental pistol hit textures changed.
Window pistol hit texture replaced with GTAIV textures, except higher res.
Bump maps on all textures increased, added, or improved.
Bug fixes.
More features have been adjusted.

Recommended to install these mods.

For better physics:
Natural Motion Euphoria Mod RDR/MP3

Another mod with better physics:
Red Dead Redemption Physics

For Red Dead Redemption style head wounds:
GoreV 1.2
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First Uploaded: July 25, 2016
Last Updated: May 20, 2017
Last Downloaded: 1 hour ago

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  • Gtao63

    @Bravercoolio Thanks for updating this. It's the first thing I got when I started playing this again. Anyway, once I installed the RDR euphoria mod with this one I started to get corrupted data errors. I even added the damages files you included so they can work together but still no luck. Do you know of any other conflicts with these mods? Thanks.

    May 20, 2017
  • Default

    where can i find the optional features folder?

    May 21, 2017
  • 57a9ef lootcrateipsybarkboxjuly014 zpsace5bc23

    Cant open the rar file for some reason?

    May 21, 2017
  • Default

    I like the new blood soak effects! Question, what setting do I have to adjust to make the bullet wounds a lil larger. They sometimes look like ant bites to me.

    May 21, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Troublesome96 It's probably something with the tune files or gameconfigs. I haven't mess with those files though in a while so my knowledge on them is fuzzy.

    May 22, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @waynechriss There is this line of text in the peddamage file. Here it is:
    <WoundMinSize value="2.200000" />
    <WoundMaxSize value="4.200000" />
    Edit to your liking.

    May 22, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @J0K1 Did you use winrar? I'd recommend redownloading the file to make sure the download isn't corrupted just in case.

    May 22, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Pro--Damage It's in the base folder of the rar file.

    May 22, 2017
  • Default

    I've been having this problem after updating to this new gore version where the entry wounds look like these tiny thin lines and i'm not sure what is causing it. To make sure its just this mod I have backups of the older version of your mod (1.6) and the decals and everything is showing up normally. Any idea what's going on (these are the base files from ur newest update untouched).

    May 22, 2017
  • Default

    Nevermind my post above, i accidentally replaced WoundMaxSize with WoundMinSize so I had no max size for the wound lol.

    May 22, 2017
  • Default

    Ok so after extensive playthrough i will say your wound decals are the best you've made so far and the added dark blood soak in the exit wound is top. The only thing that kinda takes me out of it is the blood soak that appears at the entry wound. In the past you've had a natural soak (that soaks outward from the point of impact) but this version seems to have a soak texture that kinda transforms to a larger version of itself without any change to the way the soak texture looks (if that makes sense). So when u shoot someone u can see it transform right in front of u its a bit odd. Otherwise i love the direction your mod is heading and can't wait for more updates.

    May 22, 2017
  • Default

    @Bravercoolio @Bravercoolio:what is the woundmidsize value and the woundmaxsize value that you use in the video?

    May 22, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @waynechriss Thanks dude, I found the soak weird too but didn't really care too much about it. Next update, I will for sure make the soak more natural.

    May 22, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Pro--Damage It controls the size of the wounds. The minsize value contains how small the wounds can be and the maxsize value controls how big they can be.

    May 22, 2017
  • Default

    @Bravercoolio no, what I mean is what is the number of woundmidsize and woundmaxsize to get that kind of wound that is been showed in the video

    May 23, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Pro--Damage I think it was the numbers 5 or 6 for the min and 7 and 8 for the max.

    May 23, 2017
  • Default

    @Bravercoolio nice!!..ok thanks :)

    May 24, 2017
  • Default

    @Bravercoolio This mod is amazing, the best blood & gore mod out there by far!

    If i could suggest any improvements... Id say if you could add like a small blood 'puff' at an exit wound, as well as having the blood soak (after a shot) bleeding naturally outwards (like what @waynechriss said), that would be awesome.

    May 26, 2017
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @AzzerMcMullen Thanks dude for the feedback man, I think you have a ton of fun playing GTA with this mod.

    May 27, 2017
  • 167739 trgfed

    Really nice

    May 29, 2017
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