Simple ENB/ReShade Graphics Enhancer - VisualV + Vanilla + VisualVanilla 0.31


New Update 0.31

Made to be a simple to install ENB/ReShade graphics enhancer with a filmic look. Works well with Vanilla, VisualV or VisualVanilla. It also works for a lot of other graphic mods unless it is another ENB or Reshade.

Adds High quality ambient occlusion, subsurface scattering, car reflections, sky lightning, better lightning and clouds, rain reflections, water displacement, color correction, DELC texture filter and Intel CMAA.

Changelog: 0.31 -- Current
lightning during day and night improved
purple color reflection glitch fixed
subsurface scattering update
high precision skylightning with more sky light bounce
interior lightning updated
removed game lens
changed color grading
sharper texture filter
normal mapping shadows
self intersecting ssao, ambient occlusion tweaked
wheel reflections better
reduced orange color filter for daytime

Changelog: 0.2
compatibility with VisualV
colored sun reflections on cars
better directional ambient lightning
Some overexposure fixed
shore wetness added
better car reflections
lighter shores
better water displacement

(1) Download Script Hook V

(2) Download ENB Binaries v0471 or newest version

(3) Put Script Hook V files in Grand Theft Auto V root folder

(4) Open enbseriesgta5vxxxx.zip and go into WrapperVersion folder

(5) Copy all contents inside of WrapperVersion folder into Grand Theft Auto V root folder

(6) Download this mod

(7) Put all contents of FilmicENB.zip file into Grand Theft Auto V root folder

(8) Press "Replace All"

Press SHIFT and INSERT at the same time in game to toggle on/off
Press Shift and Enter for ENB menu, Press Delete for ReShade menu

How do I update?:
Download the new version and copy the new files over the old ones in the Grand Theft Auto directory and press "Replace All".

Visual artifacts from removing original game bloom, rare lightning glitches on faces.

PD80 Prod80
InsaneShaders LordOfLunacy
qUINT Marty McFly
ENB Boris Vorontsov
ReShade crosire
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First Uploaded: June 18, 2022
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