Emergency Uniforms Pack 8.2


The mod that started as a holster and a vest retexture, now so expansive, most Australians finish downloading it right when an update comes out. Emergency Uniforms Pack Law & Order 8.2 offers an unrivaled catalog of lore-friendly California-inspired law enforcement uniforms for both male and female multiplayer characters. From tasteful evolutions of the classic LSPD outfits, you see AI cops wearing, to dozens of uniforms for entirely new lore-friendly law enforcement departments based on real-world California departments. Emergency Uniforms Pack has it all, and when tied with partner mods such as EUP Serve and Rescue, EUP Menu, and EUP LSPDFR Configs, you can totally transform your LSPDFR experience.

For beta 9.2 version: https://www.patreon.com/alex_ashfold

For our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/aTQfepT

For the tailored menu: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13245-eup-menu/
- Updated the services shirts with a more detailed model
- Improved BDUs shirts
- New 5 Branches star badge for LSSD, BCSO, and SASP
- Changed DPPD and RHPD badge to traditional LSPD shape
- Added NYSP Parkas
- Edited EUP Belts (fixed lighting/shadow issues)
- New radio model with emissive light
- New Lore friendly holster
- New SAHP campaign hat
- New Light Jacket for agencies
- Light body armor detectives/plainclothes
- Chirurgical mask
- Improved LSSD Patches embroidery
- Changed SAHP windbreaker from state police to HIGHWAY PATROL
- Replaced the NOOSE PIA badge with a different model made by @Jacobmaate
- Changed the FIB IDs with lorified new texture by @Jacobmaate
- Edited the lower part of the services pants as suggested by @Antonius
- Added new body armor to be worn with uniforms
- Added radio PTT mic in parachute section to be worn with body armor
- Updated the swat vest with the radio
- Added new body armor for detectives
- Added new ballcaps textures
- Adjusted handled mic position
- Added LSPD utility uniforms
- Integrated the new civilian shirts from mpheist3 for detectives and etc.
- Fixed missing polygon on the male Polo mesh
- Added a new winter coat for Deputies and NYSP state police
- Fixed a texture with the LSPD Motorcycle unit pants
- Added jackets for RHPD, DPPD, LSIA, LSPP
- updated belts with the long baton, to feature the actual weapon along with a hook loop to holster it
- Changed SASP design to fit game lore
- Added the plate carrier in the armor slot
- Redesigned and renamed corrections dept with lorified design
- Updated LSSD Dirtbike unit with the updated logo
See previews and videos for more information

CHANGELOG 7.5 hotfix
- Modified all belts to have more details (Males & Females)
- Added badges on Jacket for LSPD,LSSD, BCSO and SASP (Males & Females)
- Added Short sleeves for LSPD Motorcycle traffic uniform
- Improved the male windbreaker (LSPD, FIB, DOA, PIA, SAHP, Sheriff)
- Added the female LSPD K-9
- Added a new jacket variant for males and females
- Added Warm shirt with turtle neck
- Made polos improvements
- Added new Tactical helmets
- Added a K-9 unit form the SAHP commercial Division (Males & Females)
- Changed all BCSO uniforms to fit the new BCSO form RDE based on Ventura County Sheriff's Office (execpet the pilot)
- Added Juggernaut suits with NOOSE textures
- Added a new agency Los Santos International Airport Police (Males & Females)
- Added a new agency Port Authority (Males & Females)
- Added Border Patrol uniform to females
- Added new SWAT uniforms (males & Females)
- Added three new polos for SAHP, PIA, FIB (males & Females)
- Added SAHP Leather Jacket (males & Females)
- Added Port Police Authority uniforms for Boat Enforcement and Bike
- re-added NOOSE security enforcement police
- Improved pilot uniforms
- Improvements for Winter apparel
- Added new jacket type
- Body armor additions
- K9 uniforms for LSSD and BCSO
- Added a DOA SRT Team gear
- Added Military police uniforms
- Added PIA Fields Operations Uniform

Gear (Males & Females)
- Added lightbelts with and without IDs
- Added 10 new necklace badges
- Added an ID necklace
- Added 9 Belt Badges
- Added a adpated holster for plain clothes
- Added various gear such as radios, earpieces
- Added various Civ clothes
- Added new armor vest with holster (male only)
- Edited light belts
- Added body armor for plain clothes (full and undercoat version)
- Added a chest mic
- Added more IDs and badges variations
CHANGELOG 7.4 hotfix
- Separated EUP Menu and EUP apparel mod pages
- Restructured the whole EUP DLC to provide more customizations, regarding ranks with the main departements shirts
- Replaced all generic ''POLICE'' with actual random/selected names
- Added various new 3D new models
1) Sheriff Star Badge shirt - Yard1
2) SAHP Star Badge Shirt - Netman
3) LSPD K-9 shirt - Alex Ashfold
4) Border Patrol Shirt - Alex Ashfold
5) Male Long sleeves shirts fix - Netman
6) Sheriff Campaign hats - Netman
7) LSPD badge size enhancements - Netman
8) Additional duty belts models - Alex Ashfold and Yard1
9) Park rangers campaign hats
10) Belts to wear under Jacket and coats - Alex Ashfold
11) Leg Holsters
13) Updated Traffic jackets - Alex Ashfold
- Remade most of EUP textures with 2K textures with enhancements
- Applied edited normal and spec maps to fit new and old models
- Edited the Border patrol uniform look
- Renamed SAPR to SASP (San Andreas States park)
- Added prison guard uniforms
CHANGELOG 7.3b hotfix
Built against RPH 0.41.965.8352
Fixed occasional crashing in wardrobe section
Fixed Rescue Apparel showing up in the Character Creator's apparel menu
Fixed Scuba Diving Outfit not showing up under Main Apparel - Army
Fixed PIA Windbreaker outfit having the wrong windbreaker and badge
EUP 7.3a and 7.3b hotfixes are now included in the main file, but you may also download EUP_7.3b_Fix.zip to update your current installation

Built against RPH 0.40.952.8173 and RAGENativeUI 1.4.1
Renamed EUP Clothing Menu to EUP Menu
Menu banner and all related text has changed to reflect this
EUP Menu now introduces highly customizable characters (say bye to the stone age of Skin Control)
Ability to create, edit, save and load characters
Ability to set your default character
Whenever you open the menu with a non-MP model, this character will automatically be loaded
Saves to \EUP\characters.ini which allows you to easily share your creations with others
Similar to creating your own characters, you can now also create your own outfits
Saves to \EUP\wardrobe.ini
INI file has been split into different parts, all located under \Plugins\EUP\
-Clothing presets are in presetoutfits.ini
-Custom characters are saved in characters.ini
-Custom outfits are saved in wardrobe.ini
-Settings are in settings.ini
Added all glasses to Accessories
Added instructional buttons to aid in using the menu
-Instructional buttons can only show so much. Take a look at controls.txt for the full list of controls.
Full controller support (including opening the menu)
-Menu toggles and their modifiers are located in settings.ini
Gender changing has been moved to character creation
Winter and Tactical Apparel categories have been merged into Main Apparel
Fixed menu not destroying cameras on plugin unload
Fixed customized characters resetting to generic character
Command "EUPMenuReloadConfig" is now "EUPMenuReloadAllConfigs"
Renamed "Department Selection" menu to "Categories"
Renamed "Outfit Selection" menu to "Outfits"
Edited some miscellaneous text
Added Border patrol Uniforms (pre release) Male & Female
Added DOA gear (badges, response outfit, jacket)
Improved FIB Badge
Added more raid Jacket for : LSPD, DOA, PIA
May or may not have included easter eggs related to naming your character (sugoi =3)

1) EUP installation is now an OIV package installer, Click here to watch an OIV Package Installation video:https://youtu.be/2gzLHzd5eto

Various uniforms for LSSD, BCSO LSPD, SAHP, SAPR, Security, FIB
Duty belts and holsters and various gear
Services helmets and hats

1) Most of the files replace other clothing like overcoats, golden T-shirts, Fur coats, unused meshes or textures, meshes from updates like valentines dlc or independence dlc.

2) This pack is made for single player use only, even though it suggests multiplayer.

3) This mod is now compatible with ''Cop holster'' by PieRGud (Make sure you have to install the last version Cop Holster)
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