Chick Magnet 1.0


A little dumb/fun idea I had a while ago. Pushes pedestrians which are female towards you.

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Copy ChickMagnet.dll and ChickMagnet.ini to within the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

Enable/disable the mod using F8 (key configurable in the INI file).

Customizable settings in INI file:
Whether to enable the mod on startup or not. (Enabled_On_Startup)
The key to toggle the mod on/off. (Toggle_Key) (key list)
The radius at which to get chicks. (Radius)
The force at which to push chicks at you. (Force)
The distance multiplier for pushing chicks at you. Explained below. (Distance_Multiplier)
Whether to increase the health of the chick or not. Makes it so chicks don't die so easily. (Increase_Ped_Health)
Whether to ragdoll the chick or not. (Ragdoll_Ped)

Explanation for Distance_Multipler:
The mod pushes chicks at a greater force when they are far away from you.
The multiplier is to make it so that push force multiplied is not too extreme, which why it is by default set to divide by 3 (multiply by ~0.3 = divide by 3).
Decrease the number to decrease the force when far away, or increase the number to increase the force.

The ragdolling is not perfect. Some chicks like to keep trying to get up, others stay down.
Chicks die easily against vehicles.
The code can be easily modified to push men, animals, objects, and/or vehicles towards you. Check out the link below if that interests you.

Source code.
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