Cop Caller App [.NET] 0.2.2


Cornered by angry Vagos? Stuck on Grove Street? Got robbed in Blaine County? Don't call 911: San Andreas police can now be alerted directly and their valiant officers will rush to protect you with full force. Don't get a wanted level, though, because they'll just mow you down.

This is a simple scripting experiment: it allows you to define units in an XML config file, which you can then spawn by pressing the T key in game and selecting their entry. The sample config includes:
  • a NOOSE unit (agents in a Riot)
  • an LSPD unit (cops in a Police Buffalo)
  • an LSSC unit (deputies & NOOSE agents in a Sheriff SUV)
  • an LSFD unit (firetruck)

  • Feel free to modify these or add new ones. Especially fun in gangland districts, during missions or when cheating.

    Developers: the whole thing is open source. If you're interested, feel free to contribute on GitHub.

    • Make sure you have ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV .NET installed and working.
    • Extract the mod archive into your GTA 5 installation directory.
    • While playing, press T at any time to bring up the menu. Navigate using the Numpad keys.

    Latest updates:
    • <isPoliceTeam> now works properly
    • Shrank oversized footer in the GUI menu

    • Fixed issue where certain ped models would refuse to spawn, resulting in only an empty vehicle spawning.

    • All config files are now located in a subdirectory called mod_config. Just unpack the archive like you did before, and it'll be created.
    • Added a mandatory element which specifies whether the team is a police unit or not. This way you can add paramedics, firemen etc. to the config file. The default config has been updated to reflect this.
    • @Xx_vGv_xX i18n support has been added :) To translate the script, create a copy of the en.xml file in the mod_config directory, rename it to your language of choice (e.g. es.xml), and use Notepad to translate the strings. Then, change the element in the main config file (CopCallerApp.xml) and enjoy.

    Known issues:
    • The .NET menus I use in the script seem to have problems with displaying certain special characters. I'll check if there's anything I can do about it.
    • Firemen and paramedics spawned using the script will not perform their tasks, as I'm not aware of a native that could allow me to specify these behaviors (as opposed to SET_PED_AS_COP for police). if someone more experienced knows a way, let me know.

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