Hot Coffee 1.2

Place HotCoffee.dll and HotCoffee.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET and NativeUI.

Interact - (Default: J) Depends if you are in vehicle or not.

Control is changeable in .ini file!

Inspired by the notorious GTA San Andreas mod.

- April Fools joke, spawned a coffee cup

- Initial Release

- Redid everything!
- Added ini file to change interact key.
- Added interact menu.
- Replaced blowjob and anal animations.
- Removed car shenanigans.
- Removed debug line accidentally left on screen a.k.a the "1".
- Preparing for excitement bar/bed sex/and more as shown in screenshot!

- Readded the vehicle stuff from 1.0 if you are in a vehicle.
- More on foot sex options such as shown in screenshot.
- Player gains health after climax.
- Fixed animation distances.
- Fixed a few bugs and added some checks to make sure mod doesn't crash.
- Changed menus a bit.
First Uploaded: April 02, 2016
Last Updated: May 27, 2016
Last Downloaded: 11 minutes ago

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  • 59220d screenshot 2015 12 18 13 02 42 1
    Pinned Comment

    Shall we sing a duet together
    Snoop dogg? :)
    It's updated real real real mod!!!!!  
    Most of people think you are revolution of  mods of gta5 world jedjosh920! :)

    May 27, 2016
  • 4c336a photo

    for me guys u have to hit the "insert" key on ur keyboard, DONOT hit "E" for exit, hit "insert" then hit "J" to restart it, then 'backspace' to get to restart it...that works for me, doesnt make my game crash

    February 26, 2017
  • Default

    Not that great of a mod. It functions if you install everything correctly, and is workable when you take nightjay004's advice with exiting. But it's just not all that worthwhile. The characters don't strip, the alignment is awkward (at best), and I still prefer the traditional way of doing it in the car.

    February 27, 2017
  • Default

    Seem like lots of people got the game crashed when using this mod. Should i download this?

    March 01, 2017
  • Default

    Workaround for Exit crash:
    After sex
    1. Press Ins to reload scripts.
    2. Press J (HotCoffee key) again.
    3. Press Escape to Exit

    March 02, 2017
  • Franklin3

    removing all the files, it crashes.

    March 03, 2017
  • Bf083b manamal 1who

    Here is a solution, just do NOT install this mod.

    March 03, 2017
  • B2783f oq2asu1ct9i

    update plz

    March 07, 2017
  • Default

    @FrOsT_1234 you are suppost to hold it took me like 10 min to figure out lol

    March 08, 2017
  • Lts

    This Mod isnt working

    March 08, 2017
  • Lts

    i installed it like in the decribtion but it dont work

    March 08, 2017
  • Default

    You should really add new sounds for sex because it's using the Prostitute sounds and from the moaning, if you take a look at a girl when she is on fire she will make moans and that will fit in the mod.

    March 10, 2017
  • 6c66ea tami

    work for female players?

    March 10, 2017
  • 343045 turf war 11

    @foxieplaya lol the burning screams will sound like a GREAT ORGASM lmfaoo

    March 13, 2017
  • B00a8d 39531501

    When I press the E key, the game crash Update plz

    March 13, 2017
  • 045494 logo wcj 02 inscricao w

    The OpenIV is not working correctly, the "dlc.rpf" file!! Please help. By folder in Windows I can see the file, but the OpenIV do not found it! Help me please!!!

    March 18, 2017
  • Default

    When does the player have an orgasm?

    9 days ago
  • Ab4721 img 20170322 wa0008

    Crashes after press e for exit

    8 days ago
  • 13f191 img 2249

    @danvas88 it happens to me

    6 days ago
  • Default

    How to install

    3 days ago
  • 694b53 eminem   forum

    Good job, thanks.

    17 hours ago
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