Hot Coffee 1.2

Place HotCoffee.dll and HotCoffee.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET and NativeUI.

Interact - (Default: J) Depends if you are in vehicle or not.

Control is changeable in .ini file!

Inspired by the notorious GTA San Andreas mod.

- April Fools joke, spawned a coffee cup

- Initial Release

- Redid everything!
- Added ini file to change interact key.
- Added interact menu.
- Replaced blowjob and anal animations.
- Removed car shenanigans.
- Removed debug line accidentally left on screen a.k.a the "1".
- Preparing for excitement bar/bed sex/and more as shown in screenshot!

- Readded the vehicle stuff from 1.0 if you are in a vehicle.
- More on foot sex options such as shown in screenshot.
- Player gains health after climax.
- Fixed animation distances.
- Fixed a few bugs and added some checks to make sure mod doesn't crash.
- Changed menus a bit.
First Uploaded: April 02, 2016
Last Updated: May 27, 2016
Last Downloaded: 10 seconds ago

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  • 59220d screenshot 2015 12 18 13 02 42 1
    Pinned Comment

    Shall we sing a duet together
    Snoop dogg? :)
    It's updated real real real mod!!!!!  
    Most of people think you are revolution of  mods of gta5 world jedjosh920! :)

    May 27, 2016
  • Gtao62

    update the script for the version 877-1.36
    the game crash when i press E to exit

    April 29, 2017
  • Default

    keeps crashing....

    April 30, 2017
  • Default

    When I quit, the game crashes

    April 30, 2017
  • Default

    @jedijosh920 do you need the nativeUI traier or can I use my own?

    May 01, 2017
  • Default


    May 07, 2017
  • 53f70e la star for fallen lapd officer pictures

    Why i press E and the game crashes?

    May 07, 2017
  • Tubeguy

    Please fix the E (quit) key. It crashes all the time when doing it out of the car. Mod is great but thats the only issue.

    May 07, 2017
  • Default

    @rexdd00 i have install the script but on the screen the menu is didnt work

    May 08, 2017
  • Default

    Update plz crashes when i press E

    May 09, 2017
  • Default

    can you help me the mod is didn't work when i press "J" key

    May 10, 2017
  • 7fdffd 2017 05 24

    " Fn + İnsert ( Del ) " tuş kombinasyonuyla çökmeden kapanmaktadır. " J " ye bastıktan sonra çıkış için bunu deneyin.

    May 11, 2017
  • Gtao62

    cuando pulso la e el juego se cierra arreglalo xfa

    May 12, 2017
  • Default

    How we gonna activate this stupid mod?

    May 12, 2017
  • Default

    @noobs212 @LAPDMods @dountfreeman @1Tap After using the mod turn it off using https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-script-manager or any other script manager and the game shouldn't crash. This will at least make the mod usable until the next update.
    @Black Mantis I had to remap the key :/

    May 13, 2017
  • Default

    v1.1 link please

    8 days ago
  • Default

    not working

    8 days ago
  • 5e83ad tumblr static cjtpxqtll60ookgo0kc4gg4cs

    not working

    4 days ago
  • 18ff21 zee n

    Update the script for the version 877 / 1.36
    game crash press E to exit...

    2 days ago
  • Default

    nice work fine hahaha funny mod

    8 hours ago
  • Default

    Hilarious mod. I just hit insert button then j again then choose conversation instead of sex and the gal walks away. No problem. I thanks @voodoobigfoot. Im gonna try that script manager. @jedijosh920 you must be some kind of genius lol

    3 hours ago
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